Who is Bake Off 2020 finalist Laura?

THE Great British Bake Off has run its course, and all that is left is to find out who has won this year's competition.

Digital manager Laura Adlington has made it to the final and will be fighting for the crown against Peter and Dave.

Who is Bake Off 2020's Laura?

Born and raised in Gravesend, Laura has been baking since the age of eight – but only realised her flair for it a few years ago.

She is a digital manager by trade but has a passion for whipping up cakes.

She loves citrus and strong flavours, and enjoys putting a modern twist on old classics.

Laura is happily married to a Police Community Support Officer and they share a beautiful home together in North Kent.

The couple have been married for two years, as Laura revealed her white chocolate cake in week four was celebrating their anniversary.

How has Laura done on the show?

Laura is a lovable, although admittedly chaotic baker.

The highlight of her Bake Off journey came in Pastry week, in which she served up a leek, potato and pancetta Cornish pasty – which Prue called "heaven".

She also wowed the judges with her Garden of Kent caged tart showstopper, which earned her the title of Star Baker in pastry week.

Although Laura has been criticised for her often-messy presentation, her powerful flavours have been enough to get her through the competition.

In 1980s week, Laura made the cardinal sin of forgetting to press the “ice” button on her ice cream churner – but the impressive chocolatey flavours saved the day.

She had a tough week in the semi-finals, having been trolled over beating Hermine in patisserie week.

Paul's "Scandinavian horn of plenty" technical challenge also left Laura in tears last week.

How old is Laura?

Laura is 31 years old.

You can check out her bakes on Instagram @laura.adlington.

Her Insta is also filled up with loved-up snaps with her husband and trips overseas – pre lockdown of course!

What has Laura said about Bake Off?

Ahead of the final, Laura told The Sun: “The ultimate dream is to develop my own recipes to showcase my love of proper comfort food.

"Baking with Holly and Phil on This Morning is also on my bucket list. I’m really into my plus-size fashion so would love to get involved in that world.”

Laura said getting Star Baker gave her a much-needed self-esteem pick-up.

She sad: "I honestly wasn’t that fussed about getting star baker, but when I did I was chuffed to bits.

"It really gave me the confidence boost I needed and made me feel like I deserved to be there."

She said: “I bake from the heart and love making things that pack a punch in terms of flavour. Finesse and refinement are not always my strong point.”

Laura said she was also star struck meeting new host Matt Lucas.

She said: “I saw him in Les Mis last year and he was incredible.

"I was very star struck when I first saw him and made a bit of a fool out of myself. I think my first words to him were 'OMG I LOVE YOU'."

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