Why is 'Will Byers missing' trending? Stranger Things Day explained | The Sun

EVER since its debut, Stranger Things has been acclaimed as a cultural phenomenon.

Although the Netflix horror series is nearing its conclusion, fans are revisiting its first season.

Why is 'Will Byers missing' trending?

In celebration of Stranger Things Day 2023, the show's fans are rewatching its first season; which began with Will Byers' disappearance from Hawkins, Indiana.

Annually, Stranger Things Day falls on November 6; the same day Will went missing in 1983 during season 1.

At the start of season 1, Will goes missing after encountering a monstrous creature from the alternate dimension nicknamed the Upside Down.

With the combined efforts of his mother Joyce Byers and the rest of the gang, Will is eventually saved from the Upside Down.

While reflecting on the horror program's inaugural season, Will's actor Noah Schnapps recalled: "I was so excited to play Will.

"He goes into the Upside Down and he has some pretty crazy experiences.

"I think out of the whole group, Will is the heart. He’s the nice one.

"Obviously, they’re all nice but Will is the one who cares for all of them.

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"I like meeting fans. It’s amazing to me. Without them, the show wouldn’t be what it is," he told the Hollywood Reporter.

Who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things?

Born on October 3, 2004, Noah Schnapps plays Stranger Things character Will Byers.

"They told me that I got the role while I was at camp," Noah mentioned of the show's casting process to the abovementioned outlet.

"I definitely remember that it was a long process, the auditioning.

"At first I went as a normal audition into this casting office and I originally auditioned for the role of Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

"But when I got my callback later on, they asked me to play for Will."

He added: "Honestly, when my parents called me, they were like, 'We have someone on the phone for you.' And I was like, 'Who is it?'

"And they were like, 'It’s the Duffer Brothers, those people from Stranger Things!'

"I thought they were lying. They told me I got the role, and it was crazy. I was in camp, and I was just so excited."

Where can I watch Stranger Things?

While season 5 is in production, the four previous seasons of Stranger Things are available to stream via Netflix.

The show made its debut on July 15, 2016, and is scheduled to conclude after its 5th season.

"Seven years ago, we planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things," the Duffer Brothers confessed in a press release.

"Season 4 will be the penultimate season; season 5 will be the last.

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"At the time, we predicted the story would last four to five seasons.

"It proved too large to tell in four, but — as you’ll soon see for yourselves — we are now hurtling toward our finale."

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