Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet: Director Patty Jenkins Addresses The Rumor Head-On

Wonder Woman 1984 is currently scheduled to hit theaters October 2. When it does, fans are hoping to finally see Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince flying Wonder Woman’s iconic invisible jet, largely thanks to some suspicious images that emerged from the Washington, D.C. set in 2019.

In the images, Gadot appears suspended in a pose that could be interpreted as her sitting in the cockpit of an invisible jet–it’s really not too much of a stretch. However, on a set visit to Wonder Woman 1984’s production in 2018–the details of which we can finally share–Jenkins suggested that that’s not, in fact, what is going on in that picture.

“So if you look at that shot–no,” Jenkins said succinctly. She didn’t share what exactly is going on, but she pointed out–fairly–that Diana landing an invisible jet in the middle of D.C. wouldn’t exactly be practical. “The truth is she would take out half of that street if she was in a jet on the ground. She would kill basically everyone on the street,” the director patiently explained. “So that’s not what’s happening there.”

As to whether the iconic invisible jet will appear in Wonder Woman 1984 at all, Jenkins was slightly less definitive, though truthfully, it’s not sounding good. “Can’t discuss anything that is or is not [in the movie]. Yeah. People are so interested in it. I would not say yes or no either way. I’ve been asked that question so many times. I said the same thing in the first movie,” Jenkins said.

She was game, however, to share what the invisible jet would look like if she were to include it in a Wonder Woman movie. “[It would] have to be done in a whole new way,” the director mused. “I think that the invisible jet is one of those things that is so funny, because every single thing that any of these superheroes have is so silly in theory, and then when we talk about it, we talk about it as if nothing is going to be done to update it. So the only thing I’ll say is, I’ve always said about the invisible jet, I’ll do it when I can do it in a way that’s super cool. It’s got to be something different than her flying through the sky in an invisible jet, which is fine on page–not great in modern [film].”

For now, at least we can finally share all the new things we learned about Wonder Woman 1984 on our visit to the movie’s set. And naturally, we’re looking forward to seeing the second trailer debut at DC FanDome.

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