WWTBAM player outrages fans with decision after right answer given Why bother going on?

Millionaire: Contestant uses phone a friend twice

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was back with a brand new episode on Saturday night and Jeremy Clarkson was back in the hosting chair. Joining him was Oke, who started his round in the previous episode. When the contestant was dealt a question about Millie Bobbie Brown, he was given the right answer by his Phone A Friend lifeline but walked away with less money than he could’ve won. 

Due to the ever-changing coronavirus restrictions, the 2020 series and this year’s episodes have been filmed without an audience, therefore the Ask The Audience lifeline has been scrapped and contestants get two Phone A Friend lifelines. 

The first time Oke used this lifeline was on his £16,000 question. 

He was asked: What was Theresa May’s role in government immediately before she became prime minister? 

The multiple choice answers were A. Home Secretary, B. Chancellor of the Exchequer, C. Health Secretary, D. Foreign Secretary.

“I have a feeling she was Home Secretary,” the contestant said. 

Oke wasn’t certain of his choice so asked Jeremy if he could use a lifeline: “Just to confirm act, I would like to phone a friend please, I would like to call Graham.” 

“I was going to say David Cameron?” The host joked. “Graham, okay can we call Graham please.” 

Graham also thought Theresa May was the Home Secretary before running the country. 

“How certain are you?” Oke wondered and his friend replied: “Fairly certain, but not 100 percent. I’m sure she was the Home Secretary.” 

Oke “locked in” answer A which was correct and he moved up the board. 

For £32,000 Oke was asked asked: The English actress Millie Bobbie Brown found fame starring in which US TV series? 

The multiple choice answers were A. Orange Is the New Black, B, Stranger Things, C. The Handmaid’s Tale or D. The Walking Dead. 

“I’m not quite sure what that face was that you pulled,” Jeremy remarked. “One of deep joy or inner rage?” 

“I think anything but deep joy expresses my feelings on this one,” Oke replied. “I think I have to use a 50/50.” 

And answers A. Orange Is the New Black and D The Walking Dead were removed from the screen. 

“I’m still none the wiser, I haven’t got the foggiest who she is,” the player admitted. “Right I’ll use a Phone A Friend and I will use my brother, Arthur for all his worth.” 

Oke’s brother said: “Millie Bobbie Brown, I’m thinking Stranger Things? Have you heard of her? Maybe about 60-70 percent certain.” 

“That’s better than being 50 percent,” Jeremy remarked. “Which has happened on the show, someone said on a 50/50 ‘I’m 50 percent sure.’” 

“If circumstances were different I’d take a punt, but I’m just going to take the money,” Oke told the host. 

He then chose B. Stranger Things as an answer should he have wanted to proceed in the game. 

“He’s your little brother?” Jeremy asked and Oke confirmed Arthur was. “He’s not going to let you forget that, that is the right answer, it’s Stranger Things.” 

Those watching at home were annoyed with Oke for not listening to his brother who gave him the right answer. 

Phone a friend. Friend gives him the answer. He takes the money. Bloody hell #whowantstobeamillionaire,” one said. 

Another wrote: “Massive anti climax! Confident Oke wastes at least 2 life lines on answers he claims he knew anyway and then bottles it on simple question again confirmed by faf  Why bother going on? #whowantstobeamillionaire.” 

“OMG what a shame.That’s such an easy question. #whowantstobeamillionaire,” a third remarked. 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire airs Saturday at 9pm on ITV. 

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