'Yellowstone' Season 4: Did Cole Hauser Just Confirm That Beth Dutton Survived that Season 3 Cliffhanger?


  • The Yellowstone season 3 finale left the fate of Beth, Kayce, and John Dutton up in the air.
  • Cole Hauser may have accidentally confirmed that Beth survived to see season 4.
  • Hauser says fans will see another side of Rip and Beth in season 4 of Yellowstone.

Yellowstone fans have been waiting for more than a year to find out the fate of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly). In the final moments of the season 3 finale — which aired in August 2020 — Beth was cleaning out her office at Schwarz & Meyer when her assistant opened a package that exploded.

Heading into season 4, everyone associated with Taylor Sheridan’s western has kept pretty quiet about the shocking cliffhanger. But is it possible Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler) just confirmed that Beth survived?

Three Duttons were under attack in the ‘Yellowstone’ season 3 finale

Beth wasn’t the only Dutton in danger during the final moments of the Yellowstone season 3 finale. In addition to the explosion at Schwartz & Meyer, Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was in the Livestock Commissioner’s office when a group of gunmen stormed in, forcing him to take cover behind a desk.

At the same time, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was helping a woman change a flat tire on the side of the road when an unknown man drove up and shot him. As the episode came to a close, John was left for dead. While Beth and Kayce’s status remained up in the air.

The season 4 teaser shows Rip Wheeler finding John Dutton

When Yellowstone dropped the first season 4 teaser in July, the video began with a montage of the first three seasons. Then, it showed the explosive final moments of the season 3 finale before telling fans “Revenge will be worth the wait.”

The clip also gave fans their first images from season 4, which included a peek at John Dutton. Rip finds him on the side of the road, runs to him, and says, “John don’t you die on me now. Not like this, you hear me!”

Did Cole Hauser just confirm Beth Dutton survived ‘Yellowstone’ season 3?

That small clip of Rip finding John is the only new image fans have seen of the three Duttons who were left fighting for their lives at the end of season 3.

Yellowstone has been working overtime to keep the fates of those characters a secret. But in a new interview, Hauser may have accidentally confirmed that Beth is alive while talking about what fans might learn about Rip in season 4.

Hauser told Cowboys and Indians, “Well, each year you get to know a little bit more about what makes him tick in his relationships — not only with John Dutton, but with Beth, her brothers, the guys in the bunkhouse.

And Taylor does another wonderful job of kind of opening the onion when it comes to Rip’s heart. There’s a wonderful relationship — which I won’t give away — with Beth and I that comes into our life.”

Fans will see another side of Rip and Beth

Hauser’s revelation that a new “wonderful relationship” comes into Beth and Rip’s life during season 4 makes it pretty clear that Beth made it out of season 3 alive. He went on to say that the new relationship “shows another side of not only Rip, but also John Dutton.”

“It’s another excellent year of storytelling by Taylor Sheridan, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the audience thinks,” Hauser said.

In addition to seemingly confirming that Beth was alive in season 4, Hauser’s answer also seemed to indicate that John was alive, too.

A ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 cast announcement also revealed Beth Dutton’s fate

The “wonderful relationship” that comes into Beth and Rip’s life is most likely the arrival of a teen boy named Carter, played by Finn Little. The casting announcement via Deadline revealed that Little will be a series regular in season 4. And his character is “reminiscent of a young Rip Wheeler” who the Duttons gave a home to as a teen.

The announcement also seemingly confirmed that Beth survived the season 3 finale. It stated that when Carter shows up at the Yellowstone, “Beth decides the ranch is the best place to teach the youth how to be a man.” Yellowstone fans rest easy, it’s finally become clear that Beth Dutton is alive.

Yellowstone season 4 premieres Sunday, Nov. 7 on the Paramount Network.

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