Yellowstone’s Jimmy star shares unscripted moment from goodbye ‘Really hard to leave

Yellowstone: Paramount tease season four finale in trailer

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The fourth season of Yellowstone came to an end last week with plenty of questions left unanswered. As the Duttons prepare for another fight to protect their land in a still unannounced fifth instalment, cast member Jefferson White has opened up about saying goodbye to the popular Paramount Network series.

In the season finale, Jimmy (played by Jefferson White) returns to say his final farewells to his bunkhouse crew, only to start wise-cracking about Colby’s (Denim Richards) mother.

When he finally heads out, he tells Colby: “Actually, I’m gonna see you Thanksgiving at your mum’s house.”

Jefferson has now revealed his farewell quip wasn’t actually included in Taylor Sheridan’s script.

“The Colby’s mum Thanksgiving joke was something I threw in in rehearsal,” he recalled on Paramount’s Stories from the Bunkhouse. “And then Taylor liked it.”

Episode 10 saw Jimmy returning to Montana with his new fiancée Emily (Kathryn Kelly) expecting to pay off his debts to Yellowstone owner John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

However, John surprised the young wrangler by sending him on his way, assuring Jimmy he doesn’t owe the ranch anything but he’ll always have a place to stay.

Jimmy then said his heartfelt goodbyes to the rest of the ranchers, presumably to head up the upcoming spin-off based on the 6666 Ranch in Texas.

Jefferson’s co-star demanded: “Did you ask Colby before that you were gonna say that?”

“I asked Colby’s mum,” Jefferson joked. “And she said ‘Yes!’”

It’s still unknown whether or not Jimmy will be returning to the series in any capacity.

The 6666 spin-off could become the Yellowstone breakout star’s new home on the Paramount Network, but a full cast list for the series has yet to be announced.

So far, Jimmy’s exit from the ranch is being treated as his final swan song, including by the show’s star.

He told his co-stars Denim and Ian: “For me, it was really bittersweet to be in that truck and be pulling away from all y’all.”

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“Your life goes on as it was before, but for Jimmy, he’s driving off into this great unknown.”

John assured Jimmy he’s always welcome back on the ranch, so there may be a chance for him to pop back up for guest appearances in the mainline series.

For now, though, Jimmy has effectively departed the Yellowstone for good, leaving a gaping hole in the ranch bunkhouse.

Newcomer Carter (Finn Little) is filling his place as the youngest hand on the ranch, but this could be an opportunity to introduce a new cowboy into the mix.

Meanwhile, Jefferson is still coming to terms with Jimmy’s exit as his potential role in the new spin-off has yet to be confirmed.

He continued: “To leave behind familiarity… the Yellowstone has been an incredibly difficult place for Jimmy. But it’s also been his home, it’s the devil he knows.

“And to pull away into the distance with no certainty except Emily…”

Denim added: “It’s also interesting for you to have been able to leave under the circumstances that no other branded man has been able to leave the Yellowstone.”

Not only has Jimmy managed to shed his commitments to the ranch, but he also received unanimous approval from his fellow cowboys and even his employer to start a new life with his fiancée.

Yellowstone seasons 1-4 are available to stream on the Paramount Network in the USA now. A UK release date is yet to be announced.

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