'Younger' Season 6 Trailer: Who Got Arrested?

Younger may have its funny moments, but there’s definitely a sizable amount of drama in this TV Land dramedy. The series, which returns for its sixth season on June 12, 2019, looks to be stepping things up a notch this season if anything can be gleaned from the latest trailer. Here’s a breakdown of what we saw and predictions about what’s to come.

Things at Empirical are changing fast

The trailer depicts many scenes in the office — after all, while this is a show about people and relationships, a lot of them are formed around Empirical. But now that there has been a change in staffing, things are really about to change, and they’re doing so at such a rapid speed, it’s hard to keep up.

When Charles (Peter Hermann) says “It’s time to let Millennial go,” what does he mean? Isn’t Millennial the brand that Quinn (Laura Benanti) bought into? Whatever the case, it’s hard to imagine that by the end of this coming season, there won’t be many more changes made along the way.

Everything isn’t perfect for Liza and Charles

The final moment of Season 5 saw Liza (Sutton Foster) and Charles finally getting together — for real, this time. Charles stepped down as publisher so that Liza could stay on and they could make their relationship work. It was a grand gesture, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to work out.

In the trailer, Maggie (Debi Mazar) points out that both of them have had a lot of struggles in their past, which could be a recipe for disaster. And while them working together is, according to Zane (Charles Michael Davis), “inevitable,” it’s not going to be easy, as Liza has a strong loyalty to her co-workers and friends.

Kelsey is facing challenges in her new role

Becoming the publisher at a major house is a huge accomplishment for someone in their 20s. Kelsey (Hilary Duff) is, obviously, excited, and while she’s clearly great at being an editor, she’s about to come up against a number of unforeseen circumstances as she steps into her new role.

We see her struggling when Quinn writes a book that she wants to be the first release under the new regime (because, apparently, it “sucks”). She and Zane aren’t together, it would appear — oh, and it looks like she and Diana are posing for mug shots? What could they have done to get themselves arrested?

Josh is going to become a father — or maybe not

When Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Clare got married, it was understandably disappointing for viewers who want him and Liza together. Now that Liza is (at least, sort of) happy with Charles, what’s next for Josh? The Season 5 finale sees Clare come back into his life — because she’s pregnant.

We know that Josh is a good guy but, as Maggie points out, it might not be his. Clare may have moved on quickly since it didn’t take her long to admit that she married him to get a green card. It looks like Josh is going to turn to Liza for help, which could be a way to get them to spend more time together as she and Charles struggle with their relationship.

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