You've Gotta See These 25 Fan Reactions to 'Stranger Things' Season 4 Part 1

The latest season of Stranger Things only justttt came out, and yet the internet has already done its thing and amassed plenty of *chef’s kiss* content to circulate. (FYI, there are still plenty of memes to come since the second part of the season—which essentially consists of two movie-length episodes—is set to premiere July 1.)

“With nine scripts, over eight-hundred pages, almost two years of filming, thousands of visual effects shots, and a runtime nearly twice the length of any previous season, Stranger Things 4 was the most challenging season yet, but also the most rewarding one,” the Duffer Brothers wrote in February 2022. “Given the unprecedented length, and to get it to you as soon as possible, Season 4 will be released in two volumes.”

Soooo while we wait for the final installment of season 4, let’s take a sec to recap some of the absolute best reactions to part 1. Scroll below for some amazing tweets, but be warned: spoilers (and major laughs) lie ahead.

The feeling of *finally* getting back into the show after almost three years

us watching stranger things with the new fans

one thing about #StrangerThings is they know how to do tension because I swear I have 4 heart attacks every episode.
it is 2 AM, I cant be doing this.

Me after the first episode: #StrangerThings4

And subsequently binging it even though you swore you’d take your time

me rn bcs I just binge-watched stranger things volume 1 for 9 hours straight and have to wait 35 days for volume 2 to come out #StrangerThings4

When you waited 3 years for #StrangerThings4 and completed it in a single day.#strangerthingsseason4 #Netflix #StrangerThings

Also, the ending?!

The ending of #strangerthingsseason4 why did i not see that coming

Never trust a bitch that goes by “001” #StrangerThings #strangerthingsseason4

one thing about jamie campbell bower, he always understands the assignment #StrangerThings4 #strangerthings

Vecna’s whole storyline? Now that’s how you flesh out a villain’s backstory #StrangerThings4

And the entire saga that is episode 4

idk if i will ever recover. #StrangerThings4

everyone after watching episode 4 of stranger things : #StrangerThings4

SAME ENERGY.#StrangerThings4 #strangerthingsseason4

max the entirety of stranger things 4:


omg! Dua Lipa cameo on #StrangerThings

Plus, there’s all the out of context memes

Stranger Things new season so far outta context #StrangerThings4

if we don’t get to see will’s painting to mike in volume 2 istg#strangerthings#strangerthings

the first episode of stranger things season 4 without any context:

Imagine dying coz your friends don’t know your favourite song #strangerthings

And friendship/relationship dynamics

Not this boy color coordinating his ugly ass outfit with the flowers he handpicked to his girlfriend’s liking and then held onto for a 4hr flight… And y’all wanna say he’s not in love? yeah I’m laughing #Mileven #StrangerThings4


Hopper reminded me so much of eleven when she was devouring eggos in the woods when he ate that peanut butter 🥺💔 #StrangerThings



Will after watching El try to use her powers agaisnt Angela. #StrangerThings4

If that’s not enough, we’re just gonna leave you with this Mindy Kaling reflection

do the stranger things kids get annoyed that the monster guy comes back from his dimension like every 3 months

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