All Americans could get FREE coronavirus vaccines as early as January under Trump administration plan

ALL Americans could get FREE coronavirus vaccines as early as January, under a plan outlined by the Trump administration.

The plan was revealed in a report to Congress and a "playbook" for states and localities on Wednesday.

Under "Operation Warp Speed" – a plan to fast-track coronavirus vaccines – the report said vaccines may be available by January of next year.

It's possible vaccines could be ready as early as late 2020, however, the report said.

As the vaccine has been fast-tracked, CDC Director Robert Redfield ensured when speaking to the Senate Appropriations Committee that the “scientific integrity” of the agency's output “has not been compromised and it will not be compromised under my watch," the Associated Press reported.

Upon rollout, coronavirus vaccines will be free to Americans, the plan stated.

"COVID-19 vaccines and ancillary supplies will be procured and distributed by the federal government at no cost to enrolled COVID-19 vaccination providers," the 57-page plan said.

The free jabs would come as part of taxpayer funding approved by Congress, the Associated Press reported.

Distribution would roll out in phases, with the most vulnerable or at-risk populations getting the first rounds of jabs.

In Phase 1, "critical populations" – including healthcare workers treating or exposed to the virus, those who are over 65 or who have underlying medical conditions, and other essential workers – would get the vaccine.

As more vaccines were available, Phase 2 would expand to include the general population.

Under Phase 3, vaccines would be aimed to reach the entire population, the outline said.

“This in-depth, round-the-clock planning work with our state and local partners and trusted community organizations, especially through CDC, will ensure that Americans can receive a safe and effective vaccine in record time," HHS Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement on Wednesday.

The CDC also said that under the plan, most vaccines will require two doses, around 21 or 28 days apart.

The Trump administration's plan also outlined guidance for states and localities, to ensure proper rollout of vaccines.

“We are working closely with our state and local public health partners … to ensure that Americans can receive the vaccine as soon as possible and vaccinate with confidence,” Azar said in a statement Wednesday, as reported by the AP.

Multiple manufacturers are currently in Phase 3 of trials for coronavirus vaccines.

Vaccines will either be approved as licensed vaccines, or given an Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, the CDC outline said.

The plan's release came as COVID-19 cases in the US continue to climb past 6.6million.

More than 196,000 virus deaths have been reported.

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