Any disruption to Armistice Day would be an affront to British values | The Sun

ARMISTICE Day on November 11 and Remembrance Sunday the following day are dignified national commemorations — among the most solemn days in our calendar.

They must not be hijacked by supporters of any cause no matter how important they think it is.

Any disruption to Armistice Day is an affront to British values.

It also directly insults the one million British soldiers, sailors and airmen who gave everything they had and would ever have fighting and dying for our country in the First World War.

That includes soldiers from the Commonwealth countries.

In these ceremonies we show our eternal respect and gratitude for people of all religions, including Christians, Jews, Sikhs and Muslims.



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As well as military and political leaders and veterans, clergymen and people of all faiths and cultures take part in honouring them.

We owe our freedom and democracy to those who died — including the right to free speech and peaceful protest.

It is up to every individual whether they choose to wear a poppy — or whether to take part in our national remembrance.

But it’s not up to individuals or groups to interfere with those who do wish to do so.

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Any protests on Armistice Day or Remembrance Sunday should be kept away from these events.

That includes the Cenotaph in London, the Festival of Remembrance and war memorials across the country where ceremonies are held.

If necessary the authorities should ban or re-route any protests that could lead to disturbances, and the police must ensure those bans are strictly enforced.

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