Billionaire's daughter-in-law Jasmine Hartin 'will be charged' after Belize cop's brutal shooting death

A BRITISH billionaire's daughter will be charged tomorrow in connection with the death of a police officer in Belize.

Jasmine Hartin, daughter-in-law of billionare Lord Michael Ashcroft, will be charged after police officer was shot and killed, the officer's family said.

The cop was shot dead while "drinking with Lord Ashcroft's daughter-in-law had a head wound like an assassination," his sister said.

Henry Jemmott’s lifeless body was found floating in the sea near San Pedro, Belize yesterday.

Hartin, 38, had "blood on her arms and clothes" and was arrested in connection to the officer's death.

Police also say that Lord Ashcroft's daughter-in-law will be "treated as a killer" if she remains silent after being arrested over an officer's death.

The American, married to Lord Ashcroft's son Andrew, was allegedly socializing with Jemmott at the time of the shooting.

She was arrested with blood on her clothes after the officer was found with a single gunshot wound to the dead.

But Hartin is still "not helping" police with their inquiries into the tragedy, as it is understood she is waiting for legal representation.

"When she was detained last night she was not co-operating," Commissioner Chester Williams said. "She stated that she needed to have her attorney present in order for her to say what she needs to say."

Local police now say that this raises a "red flag" and that without an explanation, she will be "treated as the killer."

Henry's sister Cherry Jemmot, 48, told "He had a gunshot behind his ear like an assassination.

"He is so skillful after 24 years [as an officer], he would never have left his guard down.

"He was a top cop. I don't know how he let down his guard to be shot with his own gun."

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