Binman 'shouts 'scummy p****'' after finding potato in recycling bin

Binman is caught on CCTV ‘shouting ‘scummy f****** p***k’ at woman’s house’ after finding vegetable peel in her recycling bin

  • Tirade erupted after Stoke City Council worker saw potato peel in recycling bin
  • Charlotte Wallace caught the expletive outburst on her house’s CCTV camera 
  • She sent footage of the incident to the council along with a formal complaint 

This is the moment a council binman allegedly brands a woman a ‘scummy f*****g p***k’ after finding vegetable peel inside her recycling bin. 

Charlotte Wallace claims she heard the expletive outburst when the Stoke-on-Trent City Council worker opened her blue container and saw potato peelings. 

According to the council’s website, blue bins are for recyclable waste only – such as plastic bottles or aluminium cans – while all food waste must be placed inside brown bins.  

Footage of the incident was recorded on Ms Wallace’s CCTV camera, which she sent to the council along with a formal complaint.   

The council has since apologised and vowed to look into the video – but told Ms Wallace it could not tell her the outcome of its investigation. 

Ms Wallace said: ‘Normally I wouldn’t be at home at that time because I’d be at work. 

‘I heard him shout “scummy f*****g p***k” up at my house, then go to his mate and say “scummy f*****g b******s”. 

‘Our CCTV camera was able to pick up some of it.

‘It was just an over the top reaction to a few potato peelings. All he had to do was leave a note saying they couldn’t empty the bin.

Footage of the incident shows a binman in a high-vis jacket look inside the blue bin before shouting expletives 

The team move onto the next house without emptying the blue recycling bin – as it contained potato peelings, which should be placed inside brown bins

‘But he shouted in the street so everyone could hear, like any passers-by or my neighbours. 

‘Anyone who heard him would be wondering what the problem is.’

She added: ‘I complained to the council about this and they said they’d look into it, but they’re not going to be able to tell me if they actually do anything. 

‘Meanwhile I’m left with a full bin until the next collection day. 

‘They suggested I use a cardboard box for my recycling, but that’s not going to last very long in this weather.’

A Stoke-on-Trent City Council spokesman confirmed that the incident was being looked into.

He said: ‘We thank Charlotte Wallace for raising this. 

‘Our binmen, and all council workers, work to very high standards, and we expect no less from all employees. 

‘We’re looking into the circumstances around this allegation and would like to apologise to Ms Wallace for any distress that she may have experienced.’ 

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