Bus-mad lad, 12, can name all of London's 700 bus routes from memory

A BUS-mad schoolboy can name the start and end stops of all ­London’s 700 routes.

Alfie Moynes, 12, fell in love with the famous red vehicles when he was just six years old.

Now he is an expert, with the 472 — the bus he rides to school every day — his No1.

There are 19,000 stops and 8,600 buses in the entire fleet across the capital, famous for its iconic Routemasters.

When put to the test by The Sun, Alfie came up trumps and was able to easily reel off routes and bus numbers — all of which he is one day hoping to have taken trips on.

He told The Sun: “I’ve travelled all across London and one day I hope I can go on every single one.

"Every bus route is different and you can see all the sights when you travel on them.

“I love buses, the colours are amazing, I love them all.”

Unsurprisingly, the youngster is set on becoming a bus driver when he is older.

Mum, Sharon Matchett, 52, and dad, Chris Moynes, 53, often join Alfie on his trips.

Sharon, from Plumstead, South East London, said: “I’m so proud of him — I think he would be the best bus driver in the world.”

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