Can you form a support bubble in Tier 2 and Tier 3?

THE Government has introduced a new tiered lockdown system.

But can you form a support bubble in the two highest-risk tiers, two and three? Here's everything you need to know.

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What is a support bubble?

A support bubble is the linking of one single-adult household and another household of any size.

A single-adult household is a household which includes just one adult.

People who have formed a support-bubble together can mix freely in their households, have overnight stays and visit public places together.

An example of a support bubble would be someone who lives alone linking up with their parents, while living in seperate homes.

The Government advises people should try and form bubbles within the same area.

Can you form a support bubble in Tier 2?

It is fine to form a support bubble in Tier Two.

However, the Rule of Six still applies in any tier – so if your support bubble contains more than six people you should not meet all at once.

But it's fine to meet with people from your support bubble in groups of appropriate sizes.

Can you form a support bubble in Tier 3

In Tier Three mixing between households is banned – but support bubbles are exempt.

In any tier, it is imperative that all support bubble members take apropriate action if someoe in the group develops symptoms or receives a positive test result.

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