Companies jump aboard royal baby bandwagon with tie-in adverts

‘Keep your own little princes and princesses at the right temperature’: Central heating firms, gin makers, mattress salesmen and even East Midlands Trains jump aboard the royal baby bandwagon with excruciating tie-in adverts

  • Baby Sussex was born yesterday, delighting millions of fans around the world 
  • And several companies decided o use the news to sell some of their products 
  • They include heating firms, gin makers, mattress salesman and party planners

Enterprising companies are cashing in on the news that the Duchess of Sussex delivered a healthy baby boy yesterday.

Central heating companies, gin makers and even a train company have jumped aboard the royal baby bandwagon, seeing the birth as an opportunity to sell their products.

Prince Harry announced that Meghan had given birth at 5.26am yesterday to a boy weighing 7lbs 3oz, having been more than a week overdue.

Royal fans and well-wishers were quick to share their delight at the news, taking to social media to post gushing tributes to the baby and his delighted parents.

But they weren’t the only ones as several firms used the news to share their promotions.  

Mattress company Serta used the birth of the royal baby to offer customers a discount on their products

Meghan is pictured at King’s College, London in March (left) and with Harry at at Buckingham Palace in the same month (right)

Serta Mattresses marked the birth with a coupon for parents. 

They wrote on social media: ‘Baby keeping you up? In honor of the royal baby, bring in your own little prince or princess for a free gift with purchase or discount on a Serta mattress at the ”Your Baby Is Your Coupon” Sale.’

And East Midlands Train gave all of its passengers a biscuit to mark the birth. 

Party planning company Giftinz and Petal meanwhile, wrote: ‘And the Royal baby has arrived! Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

‘Meanwhile, as we await the name of the new born Royal baby, I call this MyPadi.   

‘Mypadi birthday package captures all your birthday cravings for both indoor, outdoor and destination birthday parties. 

‘Call Giftinzandpetal Event for everything birthday.’

East Midlands Trains also jumped on the bandwagon, offering passengers biscuits to mark the birth

Harry and Meghan, well-known fans of yoga, were offered the opportunity to indulge in some baby yoga with the new tot

Neal’s Yard Remedies took advantage of the new baby to share the organic baby and mother products they had

Gin-making company Crocketts wrote: ‘It’s our Gin of the Month! A double with tonic for a lip smacking 7.95. Wet the new royal’s head!’

Neal’s Yard Remedies also paid tribute to the new baby, writing: ‘We think all babies deserve to be celebrated. Royal baby BOY! Congratulations Harry and Meghan! Shop now for your organic mother and baby products.’ 

In a more bizarre promotion, one company is offering a 24 carat and caviar face mask for £7.

Another head scratcher is  a heating company used the royal birth to flog their products, writing: ‘With the news of the royal baby arrival, keep your own little princes and princesses at the right temperature with Wiser.’

In one of the more bizarre promotions, Cougar Beauty used the birth of the baby to advertise its caviar and cold face mask

Giftinz and Petal Events, a party planning company, congratulated the couple and highlighted their services

This coffee house shared its Jubilee Tea blend as it marked the birth of the royal baby

With speculation rife on the baby’s name, staff at Birmingham Sea Life centre claimed a penguin had predicted the name

A skincare company is offering mothers-to-be body oils, writing: ‘There’s another Royal Baby!

‘For all mothers-to-be, our Renewing Rose range is delicate on the skin, uplifting on the mind and completely pregnancy safe.

‘Or, if you’re already a mum, you deserve to treat yourself to radiant skin, all year round.’

This gin-making company used the baby’s birth to encourage fans to buy its gin of the month

This cupcake company created these adorable treats to mark the baby’s birth yesterday

A lager company used the birth of the royal baby to reveal its own special news, a new can for fans to drink: ‘We’re proud to announce that two of our Bloomin’ Amber bottles gave birth to a gorgeous can baby this week. 

‘Unfortunately they can’t afford to keep it so they’ve put it up for adoption here.’

For those more interested in tea, one company advertised its Jubilee tea brand, in celebration of the new birth. 

The baby’s name has yet to be revealed and many companies asked fans what they would name the newborn, suggesting even more self-promotion could be on the way as more details of Harry and Meghan’s new child are released. 

One penguin at Birmingham’s Sea Life Centre could be the key, as staff claim it is psychic and has predicted the newborn’s name. 

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