Dad of British law grad shot dead in Pakistan calls for death penalty

‘I want her murderers publicly hanged’: Father of British law grad murdered in Pakistan slams local cops and demands DEATH penalty for her killers as detectives arrest one of the key suspects

  • Mayra Zulfiqar, 24, was shot dead in Pakistan on May 3 after family say she rejected the advances of two local men – Saad Butt and Zahir Jadoon
  • Father Muhammad has now called for the death penalty for her killers  
  • He also blasted local police, saying investigation is moving too slowly 
  • Cops have arrested Butt and say they are questioning him along with another ‘key suspect’, though it is not clear if that man is Jadoon 

The father of a British law graduate shot dead in Pakistan says he wants her killers ‘publicly hanged’ after police arrested one of the key suspects.

Muhammad Zulfiqar blasted detectives in a tearful interview saying their investigation has not moved fast enough since 24-year-old daughter Mayra was shot dead in Lahore on May 3.

But police hailed ‘significant progress’ in the probe as one of the chief suspects – Saad Butt – was arrested on Wednesday, though it was not clear what the charge is.

Butt is being held in Lahore for questioning, officers said, adding that they are speaking to another ‘key suspect’ without revealing who it is. 

It is thought that Zahir Jadoon – the other prime suspect – is still at large, though officers had said they planned to speak with him in the coming days.

Investigators believe Butt and Jadoon had Mayra killed while fighting over her affections, though both deny any involvement in the murder.  

Mayra Zulfiqar, 24, a British law graduate, was shot dead in Lahore on May 3 after relatives say she rejected the advances of two local men

Father Muhammad Zulfiqar (pictured) has called for the death penalty for his daughter’s killers, saying they should be ‘publicly hanged’

Giving a tearful interview with the Associated Press on Friday, Mr Zulfiqar said: ‘I have been made a shuttlecock between different departments of the police but still, there is no headway in the investigations.

‘I will continue raising my voice until I get justice and her murderers are publicly hanged.’

He also appealed to Nobel prize-winning activist Malala Yousafazi for help in resolving the case.

My dear daughter Malala, I appeal to you for God’s sake please raise your voice for my daughter. She was like your sister,’ he added. 

‘Your voice is heard. The only difference is that you have gone abroad after studying here and my daughter came to Pakistan to serve humanity.’  

Mayra had gone to Pakistan earlier this year for a family wedding but remained in the country afterwards after reportedly falling in with a friendship group that included Butt and Jadoon, and which had links to high-ranking Pakistani officials.

The two friends are thought to have both made advances on Mayra but she had rejected them, shortly before she was found dead.

A post-mortem found she bled to death from gunshots to the neck and abdomen at a rented apartment she was living in, located in an upmarket area of Lahore.

Suspicion immediately fell on Butt and Jadoon, both of who deny carrying out the killing and have provided alibis.

Police are now thought to be working on the theory that one or both of the men hired a hitman to carry out the killing. 

A police source told MailOnline this week: ‘Despite questioning Butt for several hours we have still not been able to establish the exact reasons for the killing.  

It is thought Ms Zulfiquar (left) got involved in a love triangle with Zahir Jadoon (pictured together left) and his friend Saad Butt (right) who turned himself over to officers

Miss Zulfiqar had gone to Pakistan earlier this year for a wedding but stayed in the country after falling in with a friend circle that included Butt and Jadoon

‘But has admitted to knowing Mayra but denied that he killed her and claimed that he hadn’t seen her for quite a while.

‘The investigation is continuing, and we are confident that we will catch the killer very soon.’

According to a statement from Ms Zulfiqar’s uncle, Muhammad Nazir, she had complained about being harassed by Butt and Jadoon after rejecting marriage proposals from both of them.

Superintendent Sayyed Ali of Punjab police admitted to MailOnline that they had had dealings with Butt in the past although would not reveal any more details.

He added: ‘It is a mystery to us why Zahir has also absconded and we are also looking for him because he will be able to provide us with a lot of information as to what actually happened.’

A post-mortem report revealed that Ms Zulfiqar bled to death in her bedroom after being shot in the neck and arm in the early hours of 3 May.

Ms Zulfiqar, originally from Feltham in south west London, also had bruising on her right hand and left foot, according to the report.

She graduated in law from the University of West London and had gone to Pakistan with her mother Tabasaam to attend a cousin’s wedding but decided to stay in the country after it was placed on the coronavirus red list.

After rushing to Pakistan to arrange her funeral, Ms Zulfiqar’s father Mohammad Zulfiqar appealed to Imran Khan, the country’s prime minister for help in catching the killers.

He said: ‘She was passionate to do something for Pakistan. I want justice, PM Imran Khan she was your daughter too.’

Her brother Moiz Muhammad said: ‘It’s a nightmare we are going through, and I still can’t believe she is not with us. She was always caring and keen to step up for the poor people. All we want is justice.’

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