DIY man drills through a copper central heating pipe in Norfolk

Don’t do it yourself! Moment DIY dunce creates an unwanted water feature after drilling through pipe

  • A DIY novice was treating woodworm on the floorboards at his Norfolk home 
  • The man was using a drill to screw down floorboards onto the wooden joists 
  • Unfortunately, the person who installed his central heating made a mistake 
  • The plumber ran the copper pipes above the joists where they risked damage 

This is the moment a homeowner’s spot of DIY went horribly wrong when he accidentally drilled into a water pipe. 

The man, who has not been identified, had lifted the floorboards to spray them with a woodworm treatment before screwing them back down to the joist. 

However, whoever had installed the man’s central heating system made a major error by running the parallel copper water pipes above the wooden joists instead of in the cavity below. 

The man’s DIY fix caused more problems at his home in Norfolk after he drilled through a central heating pipe

The pipe was installed between wooden joist and the floor boards meaning they were at risk of being punctured by wood screws

So when the man replaced his floorboard using woodscrew and a drill, he chewed through the soft copper and in the process springing a leak. 

The Norfolk man posted his dramatic error online where he admitted his mistake. 

He said: ‘I was treating the floorboards and joists with woodworm treatment spray, on putting the floorboards back down. 

‘I completely forgot where the pipes were and that they had been put in so close by a previous tradesman. 

‘This is my own home, and this was a spot of DIY gone horribly wrong. 

‘Then I repaired the pipe myself too, and I have never soldered a pipe in my life.’

The man was forced to solder the pipe to fix the leak before re installing his floor board

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