Eddie Izzard takes inspiration from Zelensky in her bid to become MP

Eddie Izzard takes inspiration from Zelensky as comic that became a politician in her fresh bid to become an MP

  • Trans comedian Eddie Izzard wants to emulate Ukraine’s President Zelensky 
  • She plans to run for Parliament at the next general election for the Labour Party 
  • The comedian adopted she / her pronouns but does not mind her / him either
  • Rumours that Izzard may stand in the Sheffield Central seat next election 

Trans comedian Eddie Izzard wants to emulate Ukrainian wartime president Volodymyr Zelensky as comic who went on to become a good leader in her bid to launch a career in politics. 

The storied and multi-talented stand-up comic has long declared her goal to run as a Labour candidate for Parliament as soon as a suitable seat is available.

When challenged by Clive Allen on the My Seven Wonders podcast that perhaps the public will be tired of comedians as leaders after the downfall of Boris Johnson – who was ‘essentially a comedian’ – Izzard, 60, had a customary lightning-fast comeback. 

‘Volodymyr Zelensky,’ she said. ‘There you go. Have I answered you? He’s been very strong. Very consistent.’

Zelensky came to national renown in Ukraine by producing and starring in the political satire ‘Servant of the People’, in which he played a high-school history teacher in his thirties who is unexpectedly elected president.

That comic role is now a far cry from the battle-hardened, courageous death squad-dodging leader Zelensky has become in real life.

Eddie Izzard, pictured at the The South Bank Sky Arts Awards last month, wants to become Britain’s first transgender MP and stand for Labour at the next general election

She has mentioned Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as an example of a comedian who became a politician

And Izzard has similar designs to reinvent herself as a serious character, having switched pronouns from he / him to she / her last year, telling Allen: ‘I prefer she / her, but I don’t mind he / him.’

The trans comedian said: ‘I was trying to be an MP at the last general election and I am hoping to be an MP at the next general election.

‘I will try very hard to get there and I hope the people of the constituency will elect me.

‘So I am very serious about it – I have said it since 2010 quite categorically.’

President Zelensky has struck an indefatigable, Churchillian, war-time, global statesman figure as leader of Ukraine during the Russian invasion, meeting almost every day with world leaders and influence groups via video chat to drum up support for his country.

There are rumours in Labour circles that Eddie Izzard intends to stand in the Sheffield Central constituency when incumbent Paul Blomfield steps down next yea 

She said she wants to help Sir Keir Starmer become the next Labour Prime Minister 

It is a path that Izzard seeks to follow, amid rumours in Labour circles that she intends to stand in the Sheffield Central constituency when incumbent Paul Blomfield steps down next year.

One political insider, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Star in April: ‘Eddie’s interested in becoming an MP and her renewed interest in the city might not be unconnected with that, but I’m sure she will be looking at other seats around the country too.’ 

Another anonymous source close to the Labout Party downplayed Izzard’s ambitions in Sheffield, but a third claimed that she was ‘very interested’ in running for Sheffield Central.

Izzard has previously said she wishes to be considered for a constituency. 

‘I would love to be elected and I would love to fight for Keir Starmer to be the next Prime Minister,’ she said last year.

Eddie had previously urged the former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to drive anti-Semites out of the party. 

Izzard was born in Yemen, when it was formerly the British colony of Aden, but she has links to the city, having studied at the University of Sheffield in the 1980s.  

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