Ex-Playboy model’s final moments of torture recalled at trial

The Philadelphia monster on trial in the slaying of a former Playboy model admitted that he left her so battered  that even he could not look at her slaughtered body, according to testimony.

“I covered her with a blanket because I didn’t want to see her like that. I knew she was hurt really bad,” Jonathan Wesley Harris allegedly said in a confession heard Wednesday in Montgomery County court.

Harris, 31, has pleaded not guilty to the August 2018 murder of Christina Carlin-Kraft — despite describing to cops in gruesome detail how he killed the 36-year-old inside her Philadelphia apartment.

Carlin-Kraft’s final moments of torture were heard by jurors Wednesday as a detective read Harris admit to strangling the woman in a fight over cocaine, The Mercury reported.

Harris told authorities he met the model in downtown Philadelphia early Aug. 22 then went back to her home. He claimed they had consensual sex — but a violent struggle broke out when she refused to pay for an ounce of cocaine.

“I slapped her in the face and she fell to the floor,” Harris told detectives.

In statements to authorities, Harris claimed carried the model to her bed and at one point bound her hands so she couldn’t strike him.

He then allegedly punched her again in the face when she wouldn’t fork over money for the drugs, according to The Mercury.

Harris told cops he “began choking her” when she tried to call 911. “I panicked. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do,” he told authorities.

The accused killer admitted he fled the blood-splattered scene through a back door then jumped from the balcony, according to the newspaper.

“I never meant for this girl to die,” Harris allegedly said. “When I left the apartment she was not dead. I would do anything to take this back.”

Carlin-Kraft was found dead in bed Aug. 22 with bones broken in her face and significant bruising, officials said. An autopsy reportedly determined she died from strangulation and there were no illegal substances in her body.

Harris declined to testify as the defense rested its case Wednesday without calling any witnesses. The proceedings marked the third day of testimony in the case before lawyers reconvene Thursday morning for closing arguments.

The defense team has claimed Harris was “high out of his mind” on ketamine when he strangled Carlin-Kraft and didn’t intend to kill her, according to The Morning Call.

But the prosecution argued Harris’ left the former Playboy model for dead and claim his version of events “makes no sense.”

“His story was that it was over cocaine, but given the circumstances around this murder, it makes no sense that this was about drugs,” Assistant District Attorney Roderick Fancher told jurors. “Was it over sex? Was it over money? We won’t know, because the only person who did know was killed in that bedroom that night.”

If convicted of murder, Harris faces life in prison.

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