Football fans hold applause to remember dead duck called Keith

Moment football fans join together in solemn applause to remember supporter’s dead duck called Keith

  • Wigan Athletic fans held an applause in memory of Daryl Ravden’s pet duck Keith
  • Messages poured in for Keith as crossed wires meant he was mistaken for human
  • Keith Valentine took to social media to assure fellow Wigan Athletic supporters he was still very much alive and to blame Daryl for having a duck named Keith
  • After the confusion, the memorial applause was held at DW Stadium on Saturday

A professional football club held a minute’s applause following the death of a much-loved fan – a duck called Keith.

The bird was given a rousing send-off at the home of Wigan Athletic after a picture of him was shown on the big screen with the words ‘Rest in peace Keith the duck’.

Keith belonged to a Latics supporter who had posted on a Facebook group that he was saddened by his feathered pal’s death.

The announcement of Keith’s death sparked messages of mourning and condolences for the well-known fan called Keith Valentine.

But in a case of mistaken identity, Keith was actually someone’s pet duck.

Nearly 10,000 fans rallied together to offer Keith the duck a proper send-off at the DW Stadium on Saturday in a 1-0 victory over promotion rivals Portsmouth.

Wigan Athletic football club held a minute’s applause following the death of a duck called Keith

The confusion was sparked after a supporter of the Tics had posted a tribute online to his mate Keith Valentine who he said would be ‘missed by many’.

They tweeted: ‘Just received terrible news. Keith Valentine has sadly passed away. A Tics man through and through. RIP Keith, you’ll be missed by many.’

But shortly after he was left red-faced when he was told that his mate was alive – but Keith the duck had sadly died.

He then apologised: ‘Oh my god. I am truly sorry. There has been crossed wires.

‘A friend said Keith was dead I assumed it was Keith Valentine, it was Daryl’s pet duck also called Keith.

‘I am highly embarrassed. I hope this hasn’t caused any offence. Sorry again.’

Messages poured in for Keith after crossed wires meant he was mistaken for a human fan called Keith Valentine confirmd he was still alive and that it was Keith the duck who had died

The pair have since spoken to clear the air, and shared a pint before the match.

Latics superfan Keith Valentine took to Facebook last night to reassure his friends and family that he had not ‘popped my clogs’ yet.

He said: ‘I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone for all your messages of sympathy and condolences.

‘It’s nice to know just how much you all miss me. But I can reassure you all that I’ve not popped my clogs just yet and my fight against lung cancer continues.

‘I must be the first person in history to get their messages of sympathy before I’ve even died.

‘I blame Daryl Ravden, only he could have a pet duck called Keith.

‘And that’s another reason why I hate the name Keith so much. Cheers everyone.’

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