Furious batsman hurls bat at his partner in chaotic village match

It’s just not cricket! Moment furious batsman hurls bat at his partner after getting run out in chaotic village match that has sports fans stumped

  • A team called Mamba is seen on film playing cricket in a friendly village match  
  • One player called Evans ends up being run out and throws his bat in anger 
  • It soars through the air and ends up smashing straight into the face of his partner
  • The 34-second clip has been watched more than 1.4 million times since Sunday

A furious cricketer was caught on camera hurling a bat at his partner during a match so chaotic that the footage has gone viral.  

A clip of the match, thought to be a friendly played in an English village, has notched up more than 1.4 million views on Twitter in just two days. 

The 34-second video, posted on September 19, starts with player Adam Ladak batting for a team called Mamba. 

He hits a shot towards mid-off and he and his partner M Evans begin going for a run.

But they realise too late that a fielder has the ball. 

During a friendly match played in an unidentified English village, a player called Evans storms off swinging his bat after a comical misunderstanding with his partner sees him run out

The bat flies out of Evans’ hand and loops backwards towards batsman Adam Ladak

It is then returned to the non-striker’s end and Evans is run out. 

As the partners remonstrate with each other, the umpire, who appears to have been busy fiddling with the back of his trousers, lifts a hand out to raise an index figure and signal ‘out’. 

Evans then storms off and swings his bat in anger. But the bat flies out of his hand, loops backwards and smacks his teammate in the face. 

Evans immediately runs toward Ladak to apologise and check if he is okay.   

The opposition seemed to ignore this and just carried on celebrating taking the opening wicket.

The video has since gone viral online and left viewers in stitches. 

Lou Gilbert said: ‘The more I watch it the worse it gets.’

As Ladak recoils from the bat, Mr Evans runs towards him to apologise and check if he is okay

And on Twitter viewers couldn’t believe what they were watching. One viewer wrote: ‘Favourite part is the umpire dandering over with a pint in his hands’

Another added: ‘That’s gonna hurt.’ 

One fan joked: ‘What am I watching?’

Another said: ‘Can anyone explain to me the scorecard is 4.1 overs, 38 runs without loss of wicket.

‘But the batsmen’s scores are 12 from eight balls and 0 from four balls.’ 

One viewer tweeted: ‘There’s the batsman’s initial stance, that bowling action, double bounce, batsman’s lack of foot movement with that off-side swipe. And also the gully who’s walking nonchalantly across to ‘third’ slip! Superb!’

While another said: ‘Incredible. I think the most unbelievable thing is that guy’s bowling action to be honest.’

And another wrote: ‘This is right up there in sporting clips of 2021. It’s also a good reminder to always wear a helmet while batting.’ 

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