Gang rape suspect insists he's gay after air stewardess was murdered and left in bath tub of posh hotel

A gang rape suspect has pleaded his innocence by insisting he's gay after an air stewardess was found dead in a hotel in the Philippines.

Gregorio de Guzman, is one of 11 charged with the rape and murder of Christine Angelica Dacera, 23, who was found dead in the bathtub at the City Garden Hotel.

But as reported by, De Guzman has come forward to protest he's innocence by claiming that he and the other men charged are all gay.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News, according to English translation provided, he said: "For me, I’ve never had sexual relations with a woman. I’ve never been aroused by a woman. Always a man. Many can testify to that.

"My impression of her is she likes to hang out with us LGBT members. She’s comfortable with us. The entire time she was really comfortable with every one of us.

"Every one of them was gay."

The charges came after "lacerations and sperm" were found in the victim's private parts.

Her body was also covered in scratches and bruises.

The young Philippines Airlines stewardess was rushed to hospital by three friends who found her unconscious in the bath.

They had performed CPR on her but she failed to respond and was declared dead on arrival at Makati hospital.

At this stage the charges against the men are only provisional, as Makati cops wait for Christine's toxicology reports.

Police chief Harold Depositar said that most of the men were “practically strangers” to the 23-year-old.

Colonel Depositar told The Philippine Daily Inquirer: "Only three of them were Dacera’s friends.

"The others were practically strangers to her, as they were only known to her three friends."

"Only three of them were Dacera’s friends.

An autopsy showed Ms Dacera’s death was caused by a ruptured aortic aneurysm.

Depositar went onto say the deadly aneurysm may have been caused by very strenuous activity and a high level of alcohol toxicity.

He added: "For sure, there was force inflicted on her body because we found contusions in her leg and knees, and there’s an abrasion in her thigh,” and that semen had been found "in multiple places in the hotel rooms."

Christine's family are pushing for a second autopsy after claiming the first one was incomplete, ABS-CBN reported.

They claimed Christine “had already experienced intoxication and complained that her drinks appeared to have been spiked” during the New Year’s celebrations.

The family's lawyer, Brick Reyes reportedly said they believed the young woman was drugged and abused before her death.

According to the Inquirer, Reyes said: "We also believe that maybe the aneurysm was a proximate cause but it is also very possible it was triggered by the assault prior to her death."

Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights said it would also carry out its own investigation into Christine's death.

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