Great-gran, 83, who 'doesn't give sod' about Tier 3 says she's 'too old to stay home' & 'went out every day' in lockdown

A GREAT-GRAN who says she “doesn’t give a sod” about Tier 3 rules has said she is “too old to stay home” – and revealed she went out every day during the first coronavirus lockdown.

Maureen Eames, 83, from Barnsley, South Yorks, became an overnight celebrity after her no-nonsense response to tougher restrictions being imposed in her area went viral earlier this week.

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The OAP told BBC News on Wednesday that the new Tier 3 restrictions imposed on South Yorkshire were "ridiculous".

Maureen, a former doctor’s housekeeper, also claimed that both she and her electrical engineer husband Michael, 81, had both contracted and defeated coronavirus.

Appearing alongside Michael on Good Morning Britain, the pensioner said the British public had been “put into doom and gloom” during the first lockdown in March – but this did not stop her leaving the house.

She told the programme this morning: “When we went into lockdown, I went out everyday. I was careful.

“What I can’t understand is that we’re having these lockdowns… but how many of these can we afford?

“The people who are going to suffer the most are our young ones and all the unemployed.

When we went into lockdown, I went out everyday. I was careful

“We need to get back to business… If we don’t keep the economy stable then we can’t afford it.”

Instead of lockdown, Maureen urged the government to “look after the old and vulnerable” – but said the rest of the population should “go out” and “get some fresh air”.

And the defiant great-gran refused to listen to orders to stay at home, adding: “I’m not going to stay at home. I’m too old.”

Husband Michael also told the programme he had lived through six pandemics, and said the only difference between the coronavirus and the others was “government interference”. 

But this was later laughed off by Dr Sarah Jarvis, who replied: “Unless you’re both over 101, you have never lived through one like this.”


Maureen also hit out at government scientists, claiming that the Prime Minister should "get rid" of his chief advisers on the pandemic.

She added: “I didn’t vote for Mr Whitty, and I wish that Minister Hancock would stop saying things that are foolish. 

“We need Boris to get people around him who know what needs to be done."

Responding to Maureen’s claims, Dr Sarah Jarvis said scientists had “underestimated” the effect of the first lockdown on the public’s mental health – but stressed the number of lives it had saved.

The GP added that, while Maureen may have survived the bug, she was “500 times more likely to die from coronavirus”, and remained “very vulnerable” at the age of 83.

Dr Jarvis also said that, without a lockdown, the NHS risked being overwhelmed – meaning further deaths from other diseases such as cancer and stroke.

It comes as a Tier 3 lockdown is set to be implemented in South Yorkshire tomorrow, meaning that pubs and cars which can't serve food will have to shut their doors along with soft play areas, betting shops and casinos.

Gyms and leisure centres can stay open – as it was confirmed that they will reopen in Liverpool after being ordered to shut.

As in Tier 2, people will be unable to mix inside with other households – unless they are part of a support bubble.

People will be advised not to travel in or out of the region unless it's essential – and to try and stay off public transport if they can.

It comes as another 21,242 Brits tested positive for coronavirus yesterday – a drop of 5,000 on the previous day's total.

Despite that, cases have risen 12 per cent week-on-week – with Wednesday seeing 26,688 positive tests.


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