Holidaymaker, 39, sickened after finding blood and urine on sheets and pubic hair in the bath at ‘UK’s worst’ hotel

A HOLIDAYMAKER was sickened to find blood in the bed and pubic hair in the bath when he stayed at 'Britain's worst seaside hotel'.

Paul Deery, 39, spent three nights at the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton last month but claims the experience was "horrendous".

The recruitment business boss, who was staying with his friend Paul Mallon, 40, said his room had not been cleaned and found the bed unmade with tobacco on the table.

He complained to the manager, but was shocked when they only offered him a 10 per cent refund on the £350 stay.

Paul said: "So we get to the room and it's cold and damp. My friend's bed wasn't made so it was pretty obvious that it hadn't been cleaned beforehand.

"There was blood and urine stains on my friend's mattress. My friend actually hadn't noticed the stains at first, because they were underneath the top sheet. The sheet came up a bit and that's when we saw it.

"There was what I can only gather to be pubic hair in the bath. There were tobacco remains on the table. The whole thing was horrific really."

The disgruntled guest said the manager wasn't available when he tried to complain and despite being told someone would be in touch, he didn't hear anything back.

"We would have moved, but there were no other hotels available," Paul added.

"Plus we couldn't get a hold of the manager so we were in a bit of a stalemate.

"They said there was daily housekeeping, but our room wasn't cleaned once."

The pals took the issue further but when Paul emailed the hotel's manager he was only offered a 10 per cent refund on the stay.

"I was a bit insulted by that, and I emailed back saying 'That's not good enough'," Paul said.

"Then he came back with an email titled 'Final offer', which I thought was a bit cheeky, as if we were in some sort of negotiation.

The whole experience was horrible. I'm into complaining normally, but this was just horrendous.

"He once again offered the same 10% refund, and 50% off if we were to stay again. I sent an email back saying 'I won't be staying at the hotel again, so the 50% doesn't apply. I want a full refund.' I didn't hear from him after that.

"The whole experience was horrible. I'm into complaining normally, but this was just horrendous."

The Britannia website boasts that the 219-room Royal Albion is 'one of the most popular' in Brighton and claims it 'offers character and style in a premier position' while being 'proud of its reputation as a family hotel'.

But in 2018, Which? magazine slammed it as "one of the worst hotels we’ve ever inspected" and relisted it as such in 2021, condemning the venue with 0.5 out of 5 stars for cleanliness and the same on food.

Their brutal review told holidaymakers to "avoid at all costs" and said the regency-style hotel "makes Fawlty Towers look like the Ritz".

Britannia Hotels and the Royal Albion have been contacted for comment.

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