Husband of murdered Brit mum to identify suspect after seeing killer's face when balaclava slipped in struggle with wife

THE husband of a woman who was murdered has been asked to identify the suspect after he saw the killers face when his balaclava slipped during the attack.

Caroline Crouch, 20, was strangled by masked raiders feared to be members of a violent gang, who held a gun to her 11-month-old daughter's head.

Charalambos "Babis" Anagnostopoulos, Caroline's husband, was tied up during the horrific ordeal at their home outside Athens, in Greece.

He will be shown mugshots of the 30 suspects Greek police have "narrowed down" in the hope that he will be able to remember his wife's killer after his face cover lifted in the sturggle.

Caroline was a black belt kickboxer and had bravely fought back against her attackers.

"We're making headway with the inquiry and in the police laboratories based on DNA found at the scene," one cop told The Sun Online.

"The list of suspects has been narrowed down to 30 people."

Mr Anagnostopoulos described the killer as tall, dark-skinned, overweight and under 30 years old. 

Police think the murderer may have been unaware Charalambos saw his face, but murdered Caroline because she did.

Caroline's body was discovered tied to a pole where her twisted killers had tortured her in the family's attic bedroom,

Officers described seeing Caroline's body tied to a pole where the intruders had tortured her in the family's attic bedroom, reports Pro Thema.

Baby Lydia was "half on her, screaming and hitting her mother with her hands to wake her up".

Charalambos, 32, was tied up with rope "like a sausage" and also handcuffed, with insulating tape over his eyes and mouth, reports said.

He is believed to have suffered hypoxia – a potentially fatal lack of oxygen – before wriggling free and calling police using his nose.

A Georgian man has been arrested on the Bulgarian border in relation to the killing, according to local media.

Officers have connected 12 break-ins in the past six months around the Greek capital to Ms Crouch's murder, the MailOnline reported.

There have been at least three other violent burglaries alone in the upmarket Athens neighbourhood where Caroline and Charalambos were attacked by raiders.

Extreme violence, or the threat of such, was used in each of the break-ins, which took place in Glyka Nera the last six months.

They showed stark similarities to the horror at Caroline's home where she was strangled and had a gun pointed at the head of her 11-month-old Lydia.

One, in December, saw four men break into a house in nearby Chalandri and drag a woman by her hair and threaten to slit her throat.

The gang made off with jewellery and £8,000 in cash – much like the robbery at Caroline's home which saw £20,000 worth of jewellery and £10,000 in banknotes stolen.

Four men were involved in both incidents, and they entered the properties through back windows.

Lieutenant Theodoros Chronopoulos, spokesman of the Hellenic Police, said new data and leads were emerging "every day".

"There is a lot of material to be investigated. Fingerprints, DNA, witness accouts, surveillance, CCTV footage, it is all being studied," he said.

"This is an ongoing inquiry and nothing can be ruled out."

Cops think Caroline could have been killed because she caught a glimpse of the criminals' features and they feared she would report them to police, local media reported.

I was lucky that I met you, very lucky that you loved me and even more lucky that you are the mother of my child.

A source close to the murder investigation said the attackers may have "taken fright" at the brave fight Caroline put up before she was tragically killed.

He then added "the DNA we now have may provide the answers".

Detectives are following multiple lines of enquiry regarding the ethnicity of the gang behind the horror attack – following earlier claims they were thought to be Albanian.

"There are two units involved in the inquiry following different leads," one well-placed cop revealed.

"We are also working on the premise of the gang being ethnically mixed. Albanians, Georgians and Greeks may all have been involved. Organised crime knows no frontiers."

Charalambos posted a picture of him and his wife holding hands on their wedding day as a suspect was arrested.

It was captioned: "fly high, my love", a traditional term used by Greeks.

Helicopter pilot Charalambos paid tribute to his "wonderful" wife in an emotional eulogy at Caroline's funeral.

He told mourners he is heartbroken that their daughter now faces the agony of growing up not remembering her mother.

He was pictured clutching little Lydia in his arms as he walked from an aircraft to a car waiting to take him to the service.

Paying tribute to Caroline, he said: "I was lucky that I met you, very lucky that you loved me and even more lucky that you are the mother of my child.

"Lydia will grow up not remembering her wonderful mother, but Caroline, who was the joy of life, will always be near me, through Lydia."

Local mayor Petros Vafinis told The Sun Online: "Caroline was much loved and we are as shocked here as everyone in Greece by this horrible crime."

Her grieving mother, Susan Dela Cuesta, sobbed as she joined the family of widowed Charalambos to pray at her graveside after she was laid to rest.

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