Ice Cube defends helping Trump on plan for black Americans as he's invited back on CNN after first interview cancelled

ICE Cube has defended working with Donald Trump on a plan for black Americans as he finally went on CNN.

The rapper had originally blasted that his interview with Chris Cuomo was cancelled and claimed he had been "banned" as "they can't handle the truth".

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Appearing on CNN, Ice Cube insisted he is "working with whoever is in power" as he was forced to defend himself for working with the President.

The 51-year-old musician and actor said he is "not on nobody's team" and he was helping Trump create policies to better serve African Americans.

Critics had accused him of being used by Trump as Republicans attempt to win black votes leading up to the election.

Fans questioned how he could go from "NWA to MAGA", but Ice Cube said he didn't care who was in the White House as long as he helped black communities.

Ice Cube appeared on Cuomo Prime Time after claiming he had been banned by the network for several months by CNN bosses.

He said he was "not on team blue" and "not on team red" – but would do whatever he could to work on his Contract With Black America (CWBA).

CWBA is a program founded by the rapper to strike "at the heart of racism and presenting a blueprint to achieve racial economic justice".

It comes after months of protests about racial inequality, systemic racism and police brutality in the US following the death of George Floyd.

"Whoever wins – you will hear from me," he said of the election on November 3.

Ice Cube insisted his operation is not the same as the Trump administration's "Platinum Plan" – which is the President's support program for African Americans.

He also said Trump reached out to him to speak about CWBA now, while Joe Biden's team said they wanted to speak after the election.

Ice Cube told Cuomo: "The Platinum Plan is not my plan. I came up with the Contract With Black America.

"I didn't run to work with any campaign. Both camps contacted me and both campaigns wanted to work with me on the Contract With Black America.

"One campaign said we love what you have but let's really dig into it after the election.

"The other said we love what you have do you mind talking with us about it."  

He added: "I'm willing to work with both teams but I'm working with whoever is willing to work with me." 

The F*** Tha Police star insisted this is not a matter of politics.

He said he wants to support "black America, the ones who are descendants of slaves, and that's what I'm going to talk to anyone who is in power about".

CNN host Cuomo however went on the attack and pointed out some of Ice Cube's lyrics, saying how he started "rapping in defiance of police presence".

Trump meanwhile has positioned himself as a law and order candidate who has called for crackdowns on Black Lives Matter protests, and repeatedly warned the "suburbs" are in the danger.

Cuomo also played a clip of Ice Cube's 2018 song "Arrest the President" where the rapper hits out at Trump as "Russian intelligence" and "full of s***".

He also played a clip of GOP Senator David Perdue mispronouncing Kamala Harris's name during tonight's campaign rally as "Kamala-mala-mala, whatever" as showing how the administration "treats the first black vice presidential candidate".

Ice Cube accused Cuomo of being "misleading" and said "I'm not playing no more of these games" and hit back at Cuomo for characterizing him as "picking Trump".

He said: "'I'm not picking nobody – he's the President."

The rapper added: "We have very raw problems especially with the wealth gap in this country when it comes to black Americans.'

Cuomo also pressed Ice Cube as to whether Trump cares about racial inequality, to which he replied "I don't know what he wants to do".

He said: "I just know what the man said… I've never met Donald Trump so I don't know what he's going to do I just know what he said he's going to do."

Cuomo asked: "Do you really think Donald Trump can be trusted as much as you can trust Joe Biden?"

Ice Cube replied "I'm not trusting any of them. I'm just going by action. I'm not going by words. I'm not going by rhetoric or media spin."

Ice Cube's work with Trump was announced by campaign Katrina Pierson gave him a "shoutout for his willingness to step up and work with [the Trump] administration" on Twitter.

She said "leaders gonna lead, haters gonna hate" and said the rapper was helping "develop the #PlatinumPlan"

A tweet from 2016 emerged in which Ice Cube said he would "never endorse a mothaf**** like Donald Turmp! EVER!!!" as fans questioned his decision.

Trump's so-called Platinum Plan is a four-year pledge to help create three million new jobs for African Americans.

Biden currently leads in the national polls heading into the election on November 3.

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