I'm forced to sleep in my car as my flat is covered in SEWAGE – I've had enough

A MUM claims she has been forced to sleep in her car as her flat is swamped in sewage.

Dawn Page refuses to move back into the South London property as the gruesome leak flooded into her kitchen and bathroom.

She says Clarion Housing Group has only carried out "botch job'" repairs since the flood in July last year and it is still uninhabitable.

But the firm insists the home is now "completely suitable" for Dawn and her daughter Jaycie, 12, to live in.

The mum claims when she first reported the leak to the housing association almost 12 months ago, she was told it was "just rust".

But the fed-up resident says the sewage had spilled across her kitchen, which left behind a sickening smell and attracted flies.

Dawn claims she was told it was "fine" to continue cooking in her kitchen, even though the leak dripped onto surfaces and into her cupboards.

Weeks later, the mum and daughter were finally moved into a hotel by Clarion after Environmental Health confirmed that it was a serious health risk to continue living there.

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She told MyLondon at the time: "They would have happily left me in there if I didn’t get environment health involved."

But although she was being put up by the housing association, Dawn claims she was still required to fork out the monthly rent for her flat.

The mum and daughter were eventually forced to split up, with Jaycie staying at her aunt's home and Dawn bedding down in her car or crashing on friends' sofas.

Dawn slammed the housing association for leaving her daughter Jaycie, who is autistic and has ADHD, "without a home" and living out of suitcases.

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Now almost a year on, the disgruntled duo were told they could return to their flat – but Dawn says it is still "disgusting".

She accused Clarion of failing to deep clean her home, leaving her worried that it is still contaminated by the sewage.

The mum told MyLondon: "I'm just so drained and tired. I've had enough now, it's ridiculous.

"It's like a two-year-old has done it, it's just disgusting. You touch the tiles and they're blown."

She says the wall behind the kitchen sink is still covered in damp and mould – and she cannot hire her own workmen to fix it as they have to be Clarion approved.

Clarion said in October that the leak had been "rectified" but due to the legal action Dawn had taken against them, she was out of the property "longer than would have otherwise been the case".

A spokesperson for the housing association said: "We have provided extensive support to Ms Page.

"Unfortunately, Ms Page and her solicitors have refused to grant Clarion colleagues access to the home on a number of occasions, which did slow our progress on repairs.

"The work has now been completed in accordance with the schedule her solicitors agreed with Clarion.

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"We visited today to inspect the property and to discuss any outstanding concerns and have arranged for some further minor work to be undertaken.

"The property is completely suitable for Ms Page and her family to live in until this minor work is complete."

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