Indian wedding guests can't leave buffet as fire rages

Keep korma and carry on eating: Two Indian wedding guests can’t bring themselves to walk away from the free buffet as fire rages behind them

  • Two men in Maharashtra, India nonchalantly eat as a massive fire rages behind
  • The fire ’caused by firecrackers’ needed several firefighters to put out
  • That did not stop the two men from enjoying the buffet at the Bhiwandi nuptials

This is the hilarious moment that two guests at an Indian wedding tuck into the free buffet – despite a massive fire raging behind them.

The footage, filmed in Bhiwandi, in Maharashtra, India, opens with a shot of the two men at the table nonchalantly making conversation with the camera operator.

The man in the white shirt then casually glances at the fire before returning his attention to the meal.

The men can be seen chatting in the footage while other guests focus on the raging fire

Many people at the wedding can be seen gawping at the fire as it raged but the two men being filmed were unperturbed.

The pair then continue their conversation as is the wedding had been uninterrupted.

According to NDTV, the fire took place at the wedding due to the use of firecrackers.

The man in the white shirt did not even stop eating when he turned around to glance at the unfolding blaze

The fire gutted six two-wheelers, some chairs, and decorations from the nuptial celebrations in India’s second-most populous state.

Four fire engines were rushed to the spot to douse the fire, as per the Thane Municipal Corporation, but no lives were lost.

Indian weddings are famed for their extravagance internationally though it is unclear if the pyrotechnics which reportedly started the blaze was part of the festivites.

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