Inside the tragic and brutal cases of 14 other women who – like Sarah Everard – were killed by police officers

THESE are the faces of the 15 women killed by policemen since 2009.

Ex copper Alice Vinten, 39, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, spent 11 years with the Met Police and says the force can attract violent, power-hungry men. 

She’s campaigning for Brits to remember the 15 slain women and girls who died at the hands of police officers.  

She said: “While most of my former colleagues were dedicated to serving the public – the career does attract a few bullying bad apples.”

Earlier this week, Home Secretary Priti Patel announced a public inquiry into the murder of Sarah Everard by service police officer Wayne Couzens last year – but Alice says this doesn’t go far enough.  

She said: “We need an inquiry into male culture in the police – starting with the Met. 

“While most of my former colleagues were dedicated to serving the public – the career does attract a few bullying bad apples. 

“Police forces need to change their attitude to reporting others for bad behaviour. 

“It should be seen as something good for the force in general. People should be congratulated not fearing reprisals.” 

Here, Alice comments on the women who tragically lost their lives to abusers in the force. 

​​PC Claire Howarth, 31

FIVE days before their dream St Lucia wedding, Martin Forshaw faked a car crash to cover the murder of fiance Claire Howarth. 

Both PCs, Forshaw bludgeoned his girlfriend at least five times with a hammer just hours before they were due to fly out to their wedding in 2009.

He then staged a bogus road accident near where they lived in Tottington, Bury, and called 999. 

Alice said: “It’s so violent. He’s treated her as less than human. 

“Experience tells me these things don’t just happen. You don’t just go from happy marriage to murdering your wife.”

Josephine Lamb, 58

AFTER a heated row with her husband over affair suspicions, Josephine was crushed to death by her ex-police officer husband’s 20-tonne truck in Gateshead, in July 2009. 

Lorry driver Graeme Lamb – who had downed half a bottle of Bacardi – drove off and later told ambulance control: "I thought she would f*****g move out of the way, but she didn't".

Graeme was caged for five years after being found guilty of manslaughter. 

Alice said: “He was at least reckless with her safety. There was something going on in this relationship before that.

“His comment is very flippant. He had a total disregard for whether he killed her, whether she went under the wheels.” 

Samantha, 33, and Genevieve Day, six

Samantha and her six-year-old daughter were strangled and stabbed to death by her police officer husband in 2011 – before he killed himself. 

Just days earlier Toby Day, from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, was sacked for looking who he thought was Samantha’s lover on a police database.

He also stabbed his two older children, who survived the attack and raised the alarm.

Alice said: “Trying to kill a whole family is a very narcissistic thing to do.

“It’s the mentality of ‘if I’m going to kill myself I’m taking these people with me – what are they going to do without me?’.” 

Heather Cooper, 33

Just weeks after giving birth to her second child, Heather was found dead in a shallow grave in East Sussex – murdered by her partner Peter Foster. 

Foster had resigned as a detective from Surrey Police – where Heather also worked – in 2009 after drink driving charges. 

In 2011, the couple had a fight over a lost bag and Foster later told a relative he needed to hide bloodied sheets.

He had hit Heather ten times with a baseball bat and stabbed her in the throat. 

Foster was handed a life sentence but found dead in his cell in 2012.  

Alice said: “This is absolutely tragic. She’s a young mother who has been killed over something really small like a lost bag. 

“Obviously there was more going on than that which we will never know.” 

Jenny Methven, 80

Pensioner Jenny was hit over the head at least 11 times before she died at the hands of special constable William Kean. 

Kean had volunteered for Tayside Police for three years before callously murdering his family friend of 20 years in 2012. 

After the attack he went for coffee with Jenny’s son David – who he later tried to blame for the murder. 

In August 2012, William was sentenced to life with a minimum of 22 years.

Alice said: “It's shocking the ferocity he used. 

“Maybe his reason for blaming David is because he was a special constable, and had knowledge that police would look to her son as a suspect.”

Natalie Esack, 33

Hairdresser Natalie was stabbed 11 times by her estranged husband Ivan at her salon in Ashford, Kent, in 2012.

In the three years before her death, she had called the police five times about her husband’s abuse.

Esack told police he had gone to Natalie’s work to slit his own wrists – but snapped and stabbed her to death. 

He was found guilty of manslaughter and jailed for at least 28 years in 2013.

Alice said: “Saying he wanted to slash his wrists – that tells me he’s a domestic abuser – which can be emotional as well as physical. 

“It is disgusting these people are not being tried for murder.” 

Victoria Rose, 58 

Victoria was shot twice by her former lover – retired police officer Bill Dowling – before he turned the gun on himself. 

The 59-year-old had lured Victoria to his home in March 2013, by saying he was having health problems. 

Bill had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety but had not been taking his medicine, an inquest heard. 

Alice said: “He’s trapped her – he's got her to come to him with this guilt trip. 

"He knows she’s going to come round and check on him. 

“One thing to ask is why did he have a shotgun?” 

Emma Siswick, 37 

Pregnant Emma was stabbed with a knife and broken glass 81 times by her ex-PC husband Jonathan Sutton. 

The mum-of-two, from Huddersfield, had told the former copper she was leaving him.

After killing Emma, Jonathan – who worked for West Yorkshire Police between 2003 and 2004 – then wounded his two sons. 

Jonathan saw his sentence reduced from 28 years to just 25 in 2015. 

Alice said: “He was an officer for quite a short time. But this shows the job can attract some bullies.”

“This attack is going to affect those children for the rest of their lives. They will never be able to forget.”

Jill Goldsmith, 49 

Jill died from 70 injuries after her husband PC Adrian Goldsmith attacked her – but he claimed in self defence.

PC Adrian Goldsmith claimed Jill had attacked him first and then hit herself on the back of the head with a mallet. 

Goldsmith – who served Nottingham Police for 28 years – was sentenced to 15 years. 

Alice said: “A theme here is the number of injuries. It’s not just a couple of stab wounds – it's a toxic anger after this man has exploded.”

Leanne McKie, 39 

Detective Constable at Greater Manchester Police Leanne was smothered and strangled to death by her husband Inspector Darren McKie.

The attack came after Leanne discovered that Darren had hidden £100,000 in debt. 

The inspector left work early, strangled his partner and hid her body in a cupboard while inviting a surveyor into the house to value his property. 

He later threw her body into a nearby lake and parked her car on the shore. 

He was found guilty of Leanne’s murder and sentenced to 19 years behind bars. 

Alice said: “Debt is such a red flag for corrupt coppers. 

“New recruits are asked to declare any debt but I believe this should be checked up on throughout a police officer’s career.” 

Bernadette Green, 88

Bernadette was neglected and eventually smothered by her son – former Lancashire Constabulary officer John. 

Before murdering his mother, he described her as a “stinking corpse” in text messages. 

A post-mortem examination revealed the body of an "emaciated female who had been the subject of severe neglect".

Alice said: “It is just awful – a son murdering his mother. Someone who has the capability to let her be neglected – really shouldn’t have ever been in the police force. 

“He would have been totally aware of what he’s doing which makes it more horrible.” 

Alice Farquharson, 56 

Alice was choked to death by her husband – retired Grampian Police inspector Keith.

He smothered Alice to death in 2019 when she accused him of cheating with an old flame. 

He claimed he had put his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming but police found bruises on her face. 

During his career in the force, Keith had been demoted for sending a saucy poem to a 28-year-old female officer. 

He was jailed for a minimum of 15 years. 

Alice said: “He knows the ins and outs to get him out of this which is even more shocking. “He may have hoped for a lesser charge of manslaughter by saying he was in a state of shock when lying to his family. 

“He’s done stuff in his career that he should have been fired for.” 

Claire Parry, 41 

Nurse Claire Parry was killed by her lover of ten years police officer Timothy Brehmer.

He strangled Claire to death in Dorset after she texted his wife from his phone to say “I’m cheating on you”.

Brehmer said he strangled Mrs Parry by accident during a "kerfuffle" in his car.

He was acquitted of murder but sentenced to ten and a half years after being found guilty of manslaughter. 

On appeal this year, his sentence was increased by three years. 

Alice said: “This was only a year ago yet a lot of us will have forgotten about this case sadly. 

“This is a perfect example of someone who values their own life more highly than others.”

Sarah Everard, 33 

Marketing executive Sarah was raped and strangled by PC Wayne Couzens this year. 

Sarah was walking home from a friend’s house in London when Couzens tricked her into his car using his police warrant card. 

The pervert had previously flashed a McDonald’s worker in Swanley before the murder and was known to colleagues as “the rapist”.

He dumped and burned her body in woodland he owned near Ashford, Kent – where days later he took his family for a day out. 

This month he was handed a rare whole-life sentence for Sarah’s murder. 

 Alice said: “I think opportunities have been missed to take away that power from him. 

“We will find out more about his motivations in the inquiry. 

“The callousness and taking his children to where he had hidden her body. 

“This death struck a chord and is terrifying because it could have been anyone.”


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