Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling military base on lockdown in Washington, DC, as cops hunt for 'armed person with Gucci bag'

A MILITARY base in Washington has been placed on lockdown after a report that an armed person was spotted on the base.

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling posted a note on its Facebook page on Friday that the base was being placed on lockdown.

The notice said the person was spotted on the south side of the base and that anyone who encounters the person should run and hide.

"If you encounter the individual and have a safe route, RUN. If you do not have a safe route to run, HIDE. Barricade your door, turn off the lights and your cell phone ringer, and remain silent," the post said. "If you are hiding, prepare to FIGHT."

The Facebook notice said the "description of the individual" being sought "is a black male with a medium build carrying a Gucci Bag."

The base said officials had information that the "individual is believed to be armed."

The base later said in an updated post that authorities were looking for two people: "One individual is a black male, medium build with dreads wearing ripped blue jeans and with dreads.

"The second individual is a black male wearing green pants and a white top. He may be injured."

The 905-acre base in southeast Washington houses Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard units, along with the Washington field office of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and the headquarters of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

A spokesperson told that there were no reports of injuries as of 1.10pm local time.

Anyone with information is being asked to call 911 or 202-767-5000.

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