Just 14% of Brits are planning summer holiday abroad this year

Britons give up on holidays with Spain ‘on the brink’ of quarantine: Just 14% plan on going abroad this summer and more than half are not getting away at all

  • New poll for MailOnline revealed 55 per cent of Brits are not planning a holiday
  • Just 14 per cent of Brits said they intend to travel abroad for a summer holiday
  • Came amid fears Spain could be moved up the traffic light system next week 

Just 14 per cent of Brits are intending to travel abroad for a summer holiday this year as the coronavirus crisis continues to wreak havoc with people’s plans for a getaway. 

An exclusive poll for MailOnline found just 10 per cent of people intend to travel abroad while four per cent intend to travel both abroad and domestically in the coming weeks. 

However, more than half of respondents to the Redfield & Wilton Strategies survey said they do not intend to travel anywhere and will be staying at home. 

The findings were published amid growing fears of a European ‘travel war’ because of a standoff over quarantine restrictions. 

The UK and France are locked in a row over the Government’s decision to put the country on the ‘amber plus’ list, requiring arriving travellers to quarantine. 

Meanwhile, Italy is expected to force double-jabbed Brits to self-isolate despite the UK dropping the rule for EU tourists and it is also thought Spain is at risk of being moved up the ‘traffic light’ system in a review next week.

A Redfield & Wilton Strategies poll for MailOnline found just 14 per cent of Brits are planning a summer holiday abroad this year

More than two thirds of Brits – 71 per cent – have not yet travelled for a summer holiday, whether abroad or domestically 

The new poll, conducted on July 29, revealed that just four per cent of Brits have travelled abroad so far this summer while two per cent travelled abroad and in the UK.

Almost a quarter – 23 per cent – said they have travelled domestically while 71 per cent said they have not travelled anywhere for a break. 

Asked whether they intend to travel for a holiday this summer, some 10 per cent said they are planning to go abroad. 

An additional four per cent said they intend to travel both abroad and in the UK while 30 per cent intend to travel domestically only.

Some 55 per cent of respondents said they do not intend to travel anywhere this summer.

The Government announced earlier this week that fully vaccinated travellers from the US and the EU will soon be spared quarantine. 

Ministers are hoping for the UK’s major international partners to agree to reciprocal arrangements for British tourists.  

But the hopes of a swift return to easier travel to holiday hotspots have been dashed in recent days by rows and fears of rules being tightened on some countries. 

Dominic Raab sparked a furious backlash after he claimed that France was hit with ‘amber plus’ quarantine rules because of Covid cases on Reunion island 6,000 miles away.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps insisted this morning that the Foreign Secretary was wrong to make the connection yesterday, amid a furious reaction from Paris.

France is currently the only EU country from which those vaccinated under the UK programme must self-isolate for ten days when they return. 

The decision is set to be reviewed next week and ministers are hopeful that the country could be removed from the list.

The Government is considering replacing ‘amber plus’ with a new ‘amber watchlist’ to deter people from travelling to areas with high Covid rates. 

The list would show which countries could change to ‘red’ at any moment, forcing travellers to pay £1,750 per adult to stay in quarantine hotels on their return. 

There are fears that Spain could be added to the amber watchlist next week. 

Meanwhile, Italy is reportedly not reciprocating the double-jabbed get-out granted by Britain, meaning vaccinated holidaymakers will still need to isolate on arrival. 

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