Katy Perry Addressed That Viral Video of Her Eye Twitching

Katy Perry weighed in on some wild theories about why her eye was noticeably twitching during a recent performance.

The "Teenage Dream" singer was caught manually trying to adjust her eyelid while performing in a dress made of soda cans and aluminum tabs at her Las Vegas residency last week.

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Fans speculated on social media that Perry was a robot or had even been cloned while others concluded the singer was simply having a malfunction with her eyelash glue.

Perry laughed off the incident in an Instagram post with the caption, "POV: when you see new 2023 PLAY dates."

"Welcoming all my #flatearthers #spaceisfakers #birdsarentrealers #skyisntbluers to come see my broken doll eye party trick IRL in Vegas next year! The show’s set list is a fun [ride] through memory lane going all the way back to 2008, a time when we weren’t all frozen by the paranoia of our own echo chambers," she wrote in the caption.

The "Teenage Dream" singer promised the show will be a "nonstop party," and added it isn't political at all, despite the theories. "Heck I pour beer out of my tits (that’s a party trick too… I don’t actually lactate hops silly goose!)," she said.

So there you have it Perry wasn't cloned, nor is she a robot. Perry's residency began in 2021, and continues through April 2023.

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