Leopard snatches bottle of wine from couple’s safari picnic

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This big cat’s a total boozehound.

A leopard crashed a couple’s picnic in South Africa — and made off with a bottle of their wine, wild photos show.

“It was definitely a heart-stopper,” said wildlife photographer Alan Hillen, who snapped shots of the encounter on a safari trip with his wife. “It had the top of the bottle [in its mouth] like it was trying to drink it.”

The booze-loving beast swiped the couple’s picnic basket in the remote town of Grahamstown after sniffing out salmon hors d’œuvres inside it, Hillen, 52, told Kennedy News.

It strutted away with the basket and tore into it just feet from the couple’s Land Rover — at one point grabbing a wine glass with its massive mouth.

“My heart was in my mouth in case the leopard bit through [the glass] and cut itself,” Hillen said.

The couple’s driver got out and tried to shoo away the leopard with a large stick, to no avail. Instead, they followed the animal in the SUV and watched it chomp down on the bottle of merlot — which happened to be from Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards, according to the outlet.

When the big cat was finished feasting, it ambled away — leaving the couple gobsmacked on their final day of the safari.

Hillen and his wife, Michelle, kept the bottle as a souvenir and later met up with another group of safari-goers to toast the wild experience.

“It’s one of the most amazing things [I’ve seen] in my life,”  Hillen said.

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