Little girl recalls heartwarming moment ‘her heart fell in love’ with her adoptive mum when she met for the first time – The Sun

A LITTLE girl has been melting hearts across the world after she was caught on camera talking about the first time she met her adopted mother. 

In the clip, Gaby recalled her memories of arriving at her new family home for the first time when she was four-years-old. 

Shared by her new mum in Dallas, Texas, it shows the impossibly cute little girl talking, and it's no surprise it quickly went viral. 

Referring to her little sister Lily, who was also adopted along with her, Gaby asked her mother, "when me and Lily was born?

"You know how did we got born?" 

"When we was born, we came two little babies and then, Lily was still a baby and I was four-years-old. 

"I got so big and Lily was still a baby, right?"

Well, when the first time I saw you, my heart fell in love with you,

Gaby then proceeded to chat about their journey to meet their new mum and sad.

She said: "And when the time you see her, she was one-year-old. We was very excited to meet you and our daddy. 

"And we love you guys and we want to be here for you and daddy.” 

Gaby's mum can be heard repeatedly saying "awww" as the adorable youngster continued talking to the camera.   

"Awww, and I was very excited to meet you too," her mum said in response.

With her eyes widening, Gaby asked: "And Lily?"

She then whispered: "Well, do you know what happened to my heart? Well, when the first time I saw you, my heart fell in love with you."

Her mother said: "Aww my heart fell in love with you too."

When the video was shared by Newsflare on YouTube, people struggled to come to terms with how cute she was. 

One user said: "She is like an angel sent from above. So much love in this little body."

Another confessed: "I'm so glad these parents adopted this little girl. Imagine all the little girls and boys out there as sweet as this just waiting to get adopted."

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