Marcus Rashford blasts Tory MP who said 'it's a parents job to feed their kids' ordering him to 'talk to families'

MARCUS Rashford today blasted a Tory MP for saying it was a "parent's job to feed their children".

The Manchester United player pointed out all parents "felt the responsibility to feed their children" as he urged the politician to talk to families before tweeting.

The Twitter spat unfolded when North Yorkshire MP Kevin Hollinrake tweeted about the Eat Out to Help Out scheme's success.

The politician wrote: "Extraordinary success of #EatOutToHelpOut – simultaneously helped boost the economy, encouraged staycations and got us all used to venturing out once again."

But he was challenged by a Twitter user, who replied: "Undoubtedly a success Kevin and I’m sure warmly welcomed by the hospitality industry. Credit where it’s due.

"Whilst we’re discussing food, why does it take footballer @MarcusRashford to make a stand for the hungry children in our society? Is that not the Governments job?"

Mr Hollinrake then tweeted back, writing: "Where they can, it’s a parents job to feed their children."

It was then that Rashford jumped into the dicussion.

The footballer, who has been campaigning to end child food poverty, said: : "I would urge you to talk to families before tweeting. To this day I haven’t met one parent who hasn’t wanted or felt the responsibility to feed their children…

"Put to the side that this comment came from an MP. It’s comments like this that prevent people from speaking their truth and asking for help.

"We need to start uplifting each other. I would have had the same response to anyone tweeting this…"

His reply has now attracted thousands of retweets and likes.

Emma Cantrell, Chief executive of First Days Children's Charity, also responded, saying it was "ignorant".

She added: "We have also not come across a single parent who isn't desperate to provide everything their children need."

The England striker was this year successful in campaigning for free school meal vouchers to be provided to pupils over the summer period.

Marcus has already helped to raise £20million to fund 3.9million meals for vulnerable children in lockdown.

He is now seeking an expansion of free school meals to every youngster from a Universal Credit household, helping an extra 1.5million children.

The 22-year-old, who now earns £200,000 a week and has a Cheshire home worth £1.85million, wants children to be the Government’s No1 priority.

And in a raw letter, he revealed how as a youngster he heard his mum crying as she struggled working 14 hour days trying to provide for her family.

He wrote: “Those most at risk don’t have the platform to scream help from the rooftops but, for those ready to speak, my intention is to offer them the platform to do so and, for those who aren’t, I will continue to be their voice and act on their behalf.

“Mothers and fathers are raising respectful, eloquent young men and women, who, in reality, are part of a system that will not allow them the opportunity to win and succeed."

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