Michael Schumacher’s wife and father will open up on camera

Michael Schumacher’s wife and father will open up on camera for the first time since his ski accident in new documentary about the Formula 1 legend to be unveiled this week

  • The film, simply titled Schumacher, is due for release in cinemas this December
  • It is believed to feature interviews with his wife Corinna, 50, and his father Rolf
  • Schumacher himself has not been seen in public since his ski accident in 2013

Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna, pictured together in Frankfurt in 2012, is set to open up on camera for the first time since her husband’s life-changing ski accident

Michael Schumacher’s wife and father are set to open up on camera for the first time since the Formula 1 legend’s life-changing ski accident in a new documentary about his life. 

The film, simply titled Schumacher, is backed by the German’s family and is expected to hit cinemas in Germany and Switzerland in December this year.  

The driver’s 50-year-old wife Corinna, who has rarely spoken in public and is believed to be responsible for guarding the secrecy of Schumacher’s health, is expected to be among the interviewees. 

His father Rolf, 73, is also set to appear but Schumacher himself is not expected to be in the film.  

A trailer for the movie will be shown at the Cannes film festival which begins this week.  

Producers say the film is being made to mark Schumacher’s 50th birthday – which passed in January – and the 25th anniversary of his first world title win in 1994. 

Filmmakers Michael Wech and Hanns-Bruno Kammertöns say the documentary will feature never-before seen archive footage belonging to the Schumacher family. 

‘The film portrays not just an incomparable career, but also the many facets of a complex man’, producers said. 

A new film about the German driver (pictured celebrating victory at the 1999 Brazilian Grand Prix)  is backed by the German’s family and is expected to go to cinemas in December this year

Michael Schumacher’s father Rolf Schumacher, left, and brother Ralf Schumacher, another racing driver, arrive at Grenoble Hospital in January 2014 after the accident 

It will show him as a ‘remorseless and daring Formula 1 driver, the ambitious sportsman, the accomplished mechanic with a unique technical flair, the reliable team player and the loving family man’, they said.  

Schumacher’s manager Sabine Kehm said: ‘Michael’s outstanding career merits a celebration 25 years after the first of his seven world titles. 

‘We are very happy that this film is in such sensitive and ambitious hands.’ 

Benjamin Seikel of B14 Film, which is making the movie, said: ‘We’re very happy about the trust that Michael Schumacher’s family and management have shown us. Without their support, this film would not have been possible. 

‘It’s time for this film. But of course we’re very aware of the responsibility that comes with it.’  

Schumacher’s medical condition has been held a closely-guarded secret since he fell and hit his head while skiing on the French Alps more than five years ago.

He has not been seen in public since the accident in December 2013. 

Michael has not been seen in public since he fell and hit is head on a rock during a skiing trip with son Mick in 2013 (pictured on another skiing trip in 2004)

Schumacher won his first two championships with Benetton (pictured at the Pacific Grand Prix in Japan in 1995) before moving to Ferrari 

The former driver, who won a record 91 races during his glittering grand prix career, spent nearly six months in an induced coma after the crash. 

Schumacher is believed to be receiving medical care at the family home near Lake Geneva in Switzerland, but updates regarding his health have been few and far between. 

The wall of secrecy, enforced at the request of his wife, was established to protect one of the biggest names in modern sporting times. 

In a rare update, the family said in January: ‘You can be sure that he is in the very best of hands and that we are doing everything humanly possible to help him. 

‘Please understand if we are following Michael’s wishes and keeping such a sensitive subject as health, as it has always been, in privacy.

Michael Schumacher poses with his wife Corinna in the winter resort of Madonna di Campiglio in Italy in January 2005 

Mick Schumacher, 20, took his first official drive in a Formula 1 car last month as he completed post-race test driving for Ferrari, his father’s old team, in Bahrain

‘At the same time we say thank you very much for your friendship and wish you a healthy and happy year 2019.’ 

Schumacher won his first championship in 1994 with Benetton before retaining his title in the ensuing campaign. 

The German then moved to Ferrari where he went on to dominate the sport before calling time on his career in 2006. 

He returned to the grid with Mercedes in 2009 but endured a largely disappointing three-season spell. 

His son Mick is hoping to follow his father’s success and made his competitive Formula Two debut earlier this year. 

Last month he clocked the second fastest time on his Formula One debut during post-race testing for Ferrari in Bahrain. 

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