Moment terrified man leaps onto car roof to get away from dog

Ruff morning? Moment terrified man leaps onto car roof to get away from dog – and then apologizes to the driver

  • Destyni Jefferson from St Louis, Missouri, helps a man escape an angry dog 
  • In a panic the man jumps on the roof of her parked car while she’s sat inside  
  • The barking dog scurries away across the street as Jefferson honks her horn 

This is the moment a man jumped on top of a parked, occupied car to escape an aggressive dog chasing him, only to realize there was someone sitting inside.

Destyni Jefferson, a hairstylist from St Louis, Missouri, was in her car outside her house when a man jumped on the roof to flee from a neighbor’s German Shepherd. 

CCTV shows her honking her horn as the man scrambles on top, one of his bags falling down as he evades the dog. It scurries away at the noise.

‘When I saw the dog running after him, then I understood why he was on my roof,’ Jefferson said afterwards. 

The man is filmed apologizing to Jefferson before sliding cautiously off the roof as the dog walks back to a front yard across the street.

The man sprints away from the dog when it starts to bark and chase him in St Louis, Missouri

Leap of faith! The man fleeing the dog jumps up on the roof of a stranger’s car for safety

‘I’m so sorry,’ he says. She dismisses his apology as she rolls down her window and says ‘you good, I saw that motherf****er this morning!’.

The clip starts with the man walking calmly past a house across the street.

Loud barking can be heard as the dog runs after him and he breaks out into a sprint before seeking refuge on top of the car. 

Destyni Jefferson, who sits in her car, honks the horn to ward the dog off and it scampers away across the street as the man cautiously watches it

One of the man’s bags falls down as he makes his way up onto the car roof

Jefferson shared the video on her Instagram page @destgotstylez, where it got over 28.8 thousand views.

She captioned it: ‘So I’m sitting in the car and this lil dude got chased by a dog and hopped up on my car I was in the car holling’.

One viewer, @thehomegirltherapist, commented. ‘So glad you responded that way. Cause I would of done the same thang.’ 

Another, @kingg.dyhenderson, said: ‘So glad you weren’t mad mannnnn I can’t tell you how many times we’ve ran home because of loose dogs!’

‘I love how you let him know he’s ok,’ @sindy.g.oneil added.  

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