Mum’s dream home turns into ‘embarrassing’ nightmare after garden floods

A MUM'S dream home has turned into an "embarrassing" nightmare as persistent flooding has ruined her garden.

Emily Bigg, from Lancashire, said that drainage issues has left her back garden completely waterlogged with grass unable to grow in certain parts.

Emily bought the house in 2019 specifically for the plot of land where her kids, now aged six and four, would have space to play outside.

But due to severe drainage issues, her back garden is constantly underwater creating a large muddy swamp rendering it largely unusable.

"I specifically picked this house because of the garden. It’s a good size and it’s south-facing so you get more sun," she told Lancashire Live.

"There’s just no drainage so it just gets waterlogged and then there’s no grass. It just never dries.

"But it’s embarrassing, you want to have people around and it’s just a big mess."

After trying to deal with the waterlogged garden, Emily decided to contact the developer of the home Taylor Wimpey.

However, the mum-of-two said the company was either unable or unwilling to offer assistance.

“I went to the site directors and I went over them and it goes nowhere," she said. "They’re not interested."

She added: "One of the things with buying a new build is you think you’re covered by all these warranties but you’re not and it’s disheartening.”

But now left with a waterlogged garden, Emily told Lancashire Live that she is unable to fix the problem saying that it would cost "thousands of pounds".

Emily believes that instead Taylor Wimpey should be held to account for the state of her garden.

“They’re still building more houses and there’s no way they’ve listened and learnt and are doing things better now," she said.

Emily hopes that by speaking about her own problem that she can encourage others to get more assurances when moving into a new build home.

A spokesperson for Taylor Wimpey said: “Customer satisfaction is a priority for Taylor Wimpey and we are sorry that one of our customers at Highgrove Park is unhappy with her garden.

“We are in close contact with the customer and have visited her to discuss the issues reported to us.

“All of our customers receive guidance on how to look after their gardens when they move into their new homes and we have offered some advice to the customer to help with ongoing maintenance.”

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