Mystery as explorer finds set of ‘creepy’ mythical statues inside caves

A MAN who decided to explore a hidden crystal cladded cave ended up discovering an array of ‘creepy’ mythical statues that still remain a mystery today.

Footage filmed by the brave adventurer in the cavernous, dark space known as the ‘Optimistic Cave’ showed the finely moulded sculptures that even the finest craftsman would have been proud of.

The weird and wonderful sculptures included a mythical minotaur, a grim reaper and a Parana.

They were believed to have been sculpted by local missionaries that first found the cave in 1966, but nobody knows for sure.

And the intrepid explorer, who posted the video to his YouTube channel called Fearless and Fear, appeared shocked by the discovery of the “creepy” statues that emerged as he crawled through the winding tunnels.    

“It’s a little creepy my friend, it looks like death” he said to his colleagues.  

The man made the comments as he partook in the “extreme” cave-based tour – known online as the ‘Tough guy package.”

It involves a five-hour trek round the “maze cave” which is cladded with various coloured crystals – believed to date back more than 10 million years.

The cave is the fifth largest in the world and stretches a whopping 230 km (140 mi).

Its beauty appeared to stun the explorer who spoke of an aw and amazement at the treasure filled labyrinth.

“Look at the walls”, he said.

“The walls are pure crystal, it’s amazing.”

The video also revealed that speleologists have previously set up a camp in the cave – located 200 miles below ground – that is equipped with its own toilet and clay bed.

Sources suggest that there have been more than 50 expeditions since the discovery of the cave.

However, exploration has slowed significantly in recent years, and very little surveying is currently being done.

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