Piers Morgan: Harry & Meghan will cash in on their title for publicity

‘We’ll be hearing a lot more Royal secrets from them because that’s their only currency’: Piers Morgan says Harry and Meghan will cash in on their titles because without it they’re just another couple of celebrities

  • Piers Morgan sat down for a tell-all interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson which aired on Monday
  • Morgan said he believed the couple were using their royal titles in order to secure deals with Netflix and a podcast with Spotify
  • He suggests the couple would not have had a two-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey were it not for their royal connections
  • He believes the only currency the Duke and Duchess have are secrets from the Royal Family of which the public can expect to be hearing ‘a lot more’  
  • Morgan said he thought the couple had ‘displayed both inconsistent, hypocritical and ultimately shameful behavior’ 

Piers Morgan says he believes more Royal secrets will be revealed in the coming months from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry despite the pair claiming to crave privacy and a quiet life in Southern California. 

Morgan, DailyMail.com’s editor-at-large, said that the only way the couple are likely to stay in the news going forward is to essentially cash in on their titles whether it be through deals with Netflix or podcasts with Spotify.

Morgan made the predictions during his own tell-all with Fox News host Tucker Carlson which aired on Monday. 

Piers Morgan sat down for a tell-all interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson which aired on Monday

‘Prince Harry is useful to Meghan because he has a royal title and she has been ruthlessly exploiting that title to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. 

‘Good luck to them if they can get away with it but I think Americans should be on to this now. How much money would they be making if they weren’t the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their anodyne views on a podcast to Spotify? Zero! Right?’ Morgan asked.

‘Would they be getting a two hour interview with Oprah if they weren’t Royal? Of course they wouldn’t. Would they be on an open top bus going through Hollywood with James Corden if they weren’t Royal? No! So their entire existence is now being financed by their Royal connection, the same Royal connection which they spent nearly two hours lambasting and saying how much they hated.’

Morgan set off a social media firestorm the day after the Oprah interview on March 7 when he said he ‘didn’t believe a word’ of what Meghan said.

During Monday’s interview with Carlson, Morgan accused the couple of displaying both inconsistent, hypocritical and ultimately shameful behavior.

‘I wonder what the game plan is for Harry and Megan? Do they carry on plummeting to the bottom in terms of spewing ever more lurid details?’ Morgan questioned. 

‘We know that within several days of the Oprah interview, Prince Charles and Prince William both called Prince Harry to discuss the interview. And the reason we know that incredibly private information, is because the first thing they did was tell Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend who hosts the CBS morning show, who then broadcast this to the American people.’

Morgan said that the revealing of details of private family phone conversations, which had ultimately not been constructive, was an act that could only be categorized as ‘extremely disrespectful’.

‘To do it to your own family, I don’t know how you can trust them again?’ Morgan said. ‘It’s complete hypocrisy all to keep the pot boiling and making themselves talked about which ultimately is their only currency because, you know, they’re not making all this money through talent.’

Morgan suggested the couple would not have had a two-hour interview with Oprah Winfrey were it not for their royal connections

Morgan sat down for his own tell-all with Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired Monday, where renewed his fierce criticisms of Harry and Meghan 

Morgan continued to ponder what the plan might be for the couple going forward and how they might be able to make millions despite the pair claiming to long for a life out of the limelight.

‘Meghan was an ok actress on a show that not many people watched. I happened to like it. What has Prince Harry done? He went to war and my brother-in-law taught him at Sandhurst Military Academy and said he was a fine young soldier and very courageous man. What’s happened to that guy?  He’s turned into this whiney brat in his mid-30s who’s complaining his dad isn’t still financing everything that he does. Complaining he was cut off by daddy and his millions. Actually that wasn’t true either. It turns out Prince Charles had carried on financing him,’ Morgan explained.

‘Remember Harry inherited millions when his mother died. I knew Princess Diana well and I think she’d be horrified by the split between Harry and his brother, by the schism now between Harry and Royal Family generally and by the appalling smearing of the Queen which is already causing damage in some of the commonwealth countries who are buying into this outrageous lie that the Queen is somehow presiding over this racist institution. 

‘Im afraid I predict we’ll going to be hearing a lot more from them and we’ll be hearing a more royal secrets from them because that’s their currency and without that they’re just another couple of celebrities now on the huckster trail.’ 

Morgan said he thought the couple had ‘displayed both inconsistent, hypocritical and ultimately shameful behavior’ including the ‘prince of privacy, riding around on an open-top bus in Beverly Hills with James Corden’ pictured

Morgan resigned from Good Morning Britan on March 9 – a day after he stormed off set during an on-air row with weatherman Alex Beresford, who criticized him for ‘continuing to trash’ the Duchess of Sussex. 

There were more than 41,000 complaints received by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, including one from Meghan herself following the clash. 

The duchess was said to have raised concerns with ITV about the effect Morgan’s comments may have on the issue of mental health generally and those attempting to deal with their own problems. 

But Morgan later repeated his condemnation of her interview the following day when he told reporters outside his West London home: ‘If I have to fall on my sword for expressing an honestly held opinion about Meghan Markle and that diatribe of bilge that she came out with in that interview, so be it.’  

Soon after he announced his resignation and tweeted his thanks to the GMB team, praising them for their ‘hard work and dedication’ that led to them beating their main breakfast TV rival.

In the wake of his departure at least three petitions calling for Morgan to be reinstated on GMB garnered more than 240,000 signatures. 

Last month, Morgan announced he had quit GMB after co-star Alex Beresford (right) challenged his comments about Meghan

Morgan ruled out a return to the show but called the petitions a ‘pleasant surprise’ in an Instagram statement on March 13.  

‘I won’t be going back, but thanks to everyone who has signed these petitions. Normally, people start petitions to have me fired or deported, so this is a pleasant surprise,’ he wrote.  

‘Those of you that know me well enough know that, despite my many faults, I’m always willing to stand my ground for the things that I think matter most. 

‘My fervent opposition to the Iraq War led to my demise from the Daily Mirror. My outspoken views on the insanity of American gun laws led to the end of my time at CNN. 

‘And now I’ve lost my job at Good Morning Britain because I chose not to apologize for disbelieving Meghan Markle’s claims in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.’ 

He added: ‘I thus became the latest ”victim” of the cancel culture that is permeating our country, every minute, of every hour, of everyday. Though of course, I consider myself to be neither a victim, nor actually cancelled.

‘However, I do believe the defense of free speech and the right to express honestly held opinions, is the most important issue of my career, and the most important issue in British society.’

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