Residents on 'worst road in Carmarthenshire' install fake road sign

‘Remove dentures and secure your nuts!’ Fed-up residents on ‘worst maintained road in Carmarthenshire’ littered with potholes install cheeky fake road sign warning drivers and slamming the council

  • Residents fed up with the uncomfortable ride have installed a hilarious sign  
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A hilarious sign instructing road-users to ‘adjust bra straps’ and ‘secure their nuts’ has been installed near the ‘worst-maintained’ lane in Wales. 

Locals led by John Burton, 68, stuck up the witty sign because they claim they are being ‘ignored’ by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The sign was erected on Wednesday near the Abergorlech Road in Carmarthenshire in Wales.

Residents claim the road has not been resurfaced for more than 40 years and that driving down it blows out tyres and causes damage to their cars. 

The council said it had carried out the required inspections of all roads, including the rural lane in question, but did not have the budget to resurface all problem roads.  

Locals led by John Burton, 68, stuck up the witty sign (pictured) because they claim they are being ‘ignored’

John says the damage is a ‘perfect’ example of ‘discriminatory’ practices towards rural communities reliant on rural roads

It says: ‘Caution. Remove dentures. Adjust bra straps. Secure your nuts.

‘Welcome to the worst maintained road in the county – courtesy of Carmarthenshire County Council.’

John, who has lived on the road for 13 years, claims that no major refit of the ‘completely destroyed’ road has been completed in over 40 years.

Residents repeatedly suffer tyre blow-outs, flats and other damage as a result of the terrible road – especially for those driving down it up to four times a day for the school run or to get to work.

Despite the council having sent out teams to patch small holes, the road remains in significant disrepair.

John says the damage is a ‘perfect’ example of ‘discriminatory’ practices towards rural communities reliant on rural roads.

He said: ‘Our cars get an absolute hammering on the road, and we’re tired of being ignored about it.

‘There is significantly more impact to local people than you might think, and after getting frustrated reporting the issue to the council we decided to do something different.

‘Whilst the sign is intended to be funny, the constant wear and tear on our vehicles is a real issue.

‘We figured that humour is the best way to confront the problem, that’s why we chose to make the sign.

‘The county council have a legal responsibility to provide us with access to our homes, and yet we complain every year – but they never fix the problem.

‘They will send out engineers with a bit of tar to fill some of the holes, but it does not address the fundamental problem that the structure of the road is now destroyed.

‘People have to navigate the road constantly to get in and out of the area – especially families on the school run and people trying to get to work.

‘As a result we’ve had people with blown out tyres, and people are constantly leaking air navigating the potholes – which is expensive to undo.

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The golden cone art display, which cost £19,500, has been unveiled by Farnham Town Council 

‘One neighbour who has lived here for around 40 years says that they cannot remember any substantial work having been done on the road since they moved in.

‘We’ve complained annually for years now, and as recently as February I uploaded 70 pictures of damage to the road for the Council and I got no response.

‘It is not unreasonable to ask that we have a road that has a safe surface for motor vehicles and bicycles.

‘It is somewhat ironic that the police can check our vehicle to ensure that they are safe for the road but no one is ensuring that the road is safe for our vehicles.

‘Hopefully now with this attention they will finally do something – but we’ve heard nothing yet.’

Carmarthenshire residents were quick to back up the complaints online.

One person posted: ‘Excellent poster. We complained about our road, they came and patched it but the whole road it falling to bits.

‘There are temporary road surface signs on the main road all over Carmarthenshire so we don’t stand a chance.

‘I’ve been clearing out the drain on the road for 20 years or the road floods. Maybe I should send the council a bill.’

Cabinet Member for Transport, Waste and Infrastructure Services, Cllr. Edward Thomas said: ‘Carmarthenshire County Council continue to undertake scheduled highway inspections of all of our roads to ensure that they are safe for road users and this includes the rural road highlighted by local residents in the Llanfynydd area. 

‘Where safety defects are identified they are programmed for repair in accordance with our policies which are in keeping with those of other authorities across Wales.

‘There is a national shortfall in investment in road maintenance which impacts all local highway authorities. The roads in Carmarthenshire that we would like to resurface far outstrips the budget available to us. 

‘As a consequence of a limited budget, our resurfacing programmes are developed using a risk-based approach to target the roads in greatest need of resurfacing and ensure that any investment provides the best possible value.’

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