Shocking vid shows tattooed Brit models brawling outside club after woman's wig ripped off following 'attack by bouncer'

VIDEO captures the shocking moment a tattooed Brit model appears to get attacked outside a nightclub in Europe.

Crystal Foster, 26, was at a nightclub in the Slovakian capital Bratislava with fellow model Beth Adams, when the "awful experience" took place.

In a video shared with The Sun Online by Crystal, a tussle can be seen breaking out in the street outside the cocktail bar, before a man appears to hit one of the women, causing her to hit the floor.

Suddenly, a man in a t-shirt runs away clutching one of the women's blonde wigs.

Crystal claims the fight started after the nightclub's bouncer was aggressive towards her and her friends before it spilt out onto the street.

In a different video apparently filmed later that same night, Crystal and Beth can be seen brawling in the street.

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At one point, Beth suffers a wardrobe malfunction and a blonde wig is ripped off, while a jeering crowd of men watch on.

Hair is pulled and at one point, the pair fall on the hard concrete and start punching each other.

But Crystal says the video doesn't tell the whole story.

The tattooed model told The Sun Online: "I was assaulted by several bouncers while at a promotional party in Slovakia."

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While they were inside, she said, "the bouncer became aggressive early on in the night.

"This later escalated, he became extremely vulgar towards myself and a couple of the other guests for no reason whatsoever.

"Then this became physical, resulting in him smacking me in the face with the palm of his hand, and then much worse."

The club which the women were visiting before the fight broke out, Mow Bar, is in Bratislava's old town, which is popular with tourists.

They had allegedly been at a promotional event on Friday, May 13 when the trouble started.

She says before the pair started fighting, the bouncer had attacked Crystal outside the club, and in the commotion, Beth's phone was smashed.

At this point, she says, Beth "starts screaming about her mobile phone being broken".

She added: "We are models and we flew there together – she was just too drunk and the fight between myself and Beth shouldn't have happened.

"But she pushes me and after being physically attacked for a good five minutes by men – I snapped to defend myself. I'd had enough."

I was assaulted by several bouncers while at a promotional party in Slovakia

The Sun Online has approached Mow Bar for comment.

Throughout the fight, no customers nor any of the bar staff try to break it up.

A spokesperson for the bar told Slovakian publication Novy Cas: "Due to the fact that one of the actors also started targeting physical attacks against guests and employees who ensure security within the company's premises, according to security procedures, our guests were protected as a matter of priority.

"Security staff have no right to intervene outside the contracted areas," they went on.

Following the fight, Crystal says she went straight to the airport "to contact emergency service".

She went on: "They took a full statement from me and they managed to get me onto the first flight home.

"I didn't know what else to do because I was in such a bad way physically."

Beth appeared to refer to what had happened the previous night on Saturday, tweeting: "Being questioned by police was fab this morning, especially when they asked what I did for a living, lol."

Crystal says her face is a mess and she needs to take time off work to recover.

"What happened was super scary," she said. "I just need to heal and try to move on."

Novy Cas also spoke to a visitor to the club who said he had invited the two models.

Slavomir told the publication: "We hosted the ladies at our table because they were friends of my friend they had visited here.

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"By midnight, when they were at our table, they behaved exemplary and cultivated.

"My friends and I subsequently left the bar and I only found out about the whole incident in the morning," he said, adding that he had no idea why the fight had broken out after he left.

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