Stray dog follows a woman's motorbike 'for miles after she fed it'

Stray dog chases a cyclist ‘for two miles in the evening rush hour after remembering she has fed it before’

  • A trending video shows the stray running after the woman on an electric bike
  • It followed her as she had allegedly fed it a few times near her home in China
  • The dog ran after her vehicle for nearly two miles until it was too tired, it is said
  • Footage of the chase went viral after being shared on social media by reporters

A trending video has shown a stray dog running after a cyclist in busy traffic after remembering that she had fed it before.

The dog was spotted chasing the woman who was riding an electric bike in the evening rush hour on a thoroughfare in China, according to local media.

The woman, Ms Li, had given food to the pooch several times near her home in the central city of Xiangyang, a source told reporters.

A faithful stray has moved hundreds of thousands after it ran nearly two miles on a busy road in the city of Xiangyang, Central China on Tuesday to follow a woman who frequently fed the dog

In a determined fashion, the mutt was spotted chasing its saviour’s motorbike on a busy main road despite it kept lagging behind, struggling to keep pace. The dog is said to have recognised the woman, Ms Li, after she gave it food several times near her home in Xiangyang

The heartbreaking scene was captured at around 6pm on Tuesday when Ms Li on her way to pick up her child from school, reported various Chinese news sites.

While riding on her electronic bike, the woman failed to notice that a white canine had been following her on the road.

The video is said to have been filmed by another parent who told Ms Li what had happened after they arrived at the school, which is about three kilometres (1.8 miles) away from the woman’s home.

In the trending clip released by state broadcaster Changsha Legal Channel, the faithful dog can be seen running through the bustling traffic while trying to keep up with the woman.

As she watched the footage, Ms Li realised the dog was a stray she often saw near the residential compound she lives in.

‘It probably started following me from my complex,’ Ms Li told reporters. ‘I really haven’t done much. I just fed it a few times. It must have remembered me.’

The video is said to have been filmed by another parent who told Ms Li what had happened after they arrived at the school, which is about 1.8 miles away from the woman’s flat

The woman added that she couldn’t keep the dog due to restrictions at her compound as she called for local animal lovers to adopt the stray.

The video has moved hundreds of thousands after it has widely circulated on Chinese social media since Wednesday.

One viewer wrote: ‘This broke my heart. It just wants a home. I hope someone could adopt this little guy!’

Another commenter urged: ‘People need to be more responsible when keeping pets. If you have one, you can’t just abandon it!’  

The emotional scene comes as another loyal dog in China was reported to have run alongside a wedding convoy for some six miles as a send-off for his owner, the bride.

The mutt, called Fugui, only stopped when he could run no more – before watching the cars driving off.

Fugui and the bride, Fu Xi, had spent two years together before Ms Fu tied the knot with her fiancé at the nuptial ceremony earlier this month, a local told MailOnline.

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