Stunning photos show longest lunar eclipse in 600 years light up skies across the US

A STUNNING lunar eclipse occurred this morning and it could be viewed for over three hours in the US.

It involved the Earth's shadow covering about 97 per cent of the full Beaver Moon.

Viewers in the UK could only catch a small glimpse if they were lucky as the eclipse started happening around moonset for them.

However, in North America, the timings were perfect for the eclipse to be viewed in full.

The part of the Moon visible during the eclipse looked reddish in colour.

An eclipse in general is described as a body coming between us and a light emitter, with the source no longer being visible.

But it can also occur when a body comes between a light source and the body that the light is illuminating, so we can no longer see the illuminated body.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun.

The Earth's shadow obscures the Moon, or a portion of it.

A solar eclipse on the other hand occurs when the Moon comes directly between the Sun and the Earth so it lies in the shadow of the Moon.

The eclipse started in the US around 01:02 ET with the Moon looking obscured at 02:18 ET.

An eclipse makes the Moon look reddish due to a disruption in the light waves that can reach us on Earth.

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