Terrifying moment people are thrown from fairground ride after safety bar opened

Five people were catapulted from a fairground ride when every visitor’s worst nightmare came true and the safety bar popped open.

Footage recorded by onlookers captured the moment they were thrown off the Pirates of the Caribbean themed ‘Crazy Wave’ ride at carnival in Lopburi, central Thailand, on Saturday night.

One boy was hurled right over the barrier, landing on the same side as bystanders before dusting himself down and having a head wound bandaged up.

Four others slammed into the steel deck and slid into the metal railing where they ended up in a heap on top of each other.

A 13-year-old girl was taken to hospital where medics found she had a broken leg and has since been released.

Police have closed the ride down and the man operating it, named only as Ake, 30, made a grovelling apology for his ‘carelessness’ at having failed to check the locking mechanism.

He said: ‘I was in charge at the control centre because my friend who also ran station went to the toilet and then had a break.

‘I want to apologise to the people who were hurt and their family but I did not know much about the machine so I did not check anything before I started it.’

One of the shocked onlookers, named as Jidapa, was recording relatives on the ride when she captured the accident.

‘I was taking my young relatives to the fair and watching this ride because it looked so scary,’ she said.

‘I just heard people screaming at the top then they fell out when the ride came down.

‘The people who fell out hit the floor very hard, but they kind of slid along the ground, too.

‘One of the girls was crying because of the shock. One boy was thrown outside.

‘I’m very shaken by it, too. I’ve never seen this happen before.’

Paramedics arrived at the scene and took the walking wounded to the nearest hospital.

Police Major General Natthapol Sukrasorn said he ordered the machine to be temporary closed while they will check the owner’s licenses.

Officers warned that he could be prosecuted as well as sued by the injured people.

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