The pain Prince Harry inflicts on others who love him is indefensible

Let them go

LOSING your mum at 12 is traumatic enough.

That’s without being forced to hide your grief at her funeral as millions watched — then to cope with it alone.

So even his sternest critics sympathise with Harry’s pain, and his anger at having to hold himself together as the public wept for a woman they never met.

Since he has found comfort in therapy, The Sun has no problem with his TV series on mental health, even if this public service is limited to Apple subscribers.

It is absurd, of course, for a man obsessed with privacy to broadcast his own intimate therapy session.

But that hypocrisy pales into insignificance against the odiousness of unleashing, before a global audience, vicious criticisms of his father which ought to remain between him and his counsellor.

These repeated attacks on a man he knows cannot retaliate are utterly at odds with his alleged desire for reconciliation with his family.

Where is Harry’s famous “compassion” for them?

Nor are they the actions of a happy man, no matter how often he tries to convince the world and perhaps himself that he is living his dream in California.

Happy people act like the smiling, bantering Prince of a few years ago when Sun readers loved him.

How well he hid his inner torment then.

Now, though, Harry won’t be “bullied into silence”.


But the pain he inflicts on others who love him is indefensible.

How much more of it must the Queen, Charles and William endure?

Harry and Meghan detested royal life.

So give them what they want: A total break from the past and complete independence, with the loss of all titles.

Old news

HARRY is plain wrong about the Press.

He claims media dirty tricks even worse than Martin Bashir’s arguably criminal deception remain widespread.

That “nothing has changed” since 1995.


Newsroom culture has been transformed since the hacking scandal a decade ago.

Royals have huge amounts of privacy and dictate if and when their children are photographed.

The industry has a powerful regulator while Harry publicises himself on lawless social media and unregulated TV channels which offer no right of reply.

It suits him to pretend otherwise about the UK Press, to feed the narrative of his media victimhood.

But it is utterly false.

BBC bottlers

WE don’t believe the Tories are serious about BBC reform.

For all their sabre-rattling, we doubt the Bashir scandal will change anything.

The Government talked for years about decriminalising non-payment of the licence fee.

But it has bottled that.

And as long as the free billions pour in, the BBC has no incentive to clean up its act.

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