Thieves jailed for snatching rare ‘erotic’ watch from owner’s wrist

Two bandits will spend a total of 17 years behind bars for swiping a rare “erotic” watch worth nearly $1 million from the wrist of its well-heeled owner.

Mehdi Didda, 35, and his accomplice Mohamed Safri, 36, staked out wealthy clients at high-end stores in central London, putting them “under surveillance” before ultimately snatching their pricey timepieces, The Sun reported.

Didda ripped the RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon from Ngoc Cao’s wrist as he left Selfridges with his wife. The X-rated watch, designed by Richard Mille, features bars that rotate with raunchy messages like “I’d love to explore you tonight” and “I want to kiss your nipples.”

Cao, who lives in Vietnam, testified at the trial for the two men last year.

“We had been shopping at Selfridges before 7 p.m. We didn’t stay long and went to the tax-free lounge,” he said, according to the Wandsworth Guardian. “We then went onto Oxford Street and felt someone grabbing at my wrist. The man who tried to steal from me ran across the road. He had taken my watch and scratched my wrist.”

Cao said the watch was No. 19 of just 30 made and cost him the equivalent of $929,000. He was one of seven victims targeted by the gang, which then sold the loot at lock-ups and rented market stalls.

Rapper Drake also owns the blush-worthy watch, which he wore to Game 5 of the NBA finals last year.

Didda was sentenced to nine years in prison, while Safri received eight years. Both men, who are from Algeria, face deportation after they serve their sentences.

Didda’s brother, Sofiane Didda, 47, was cleared of charges.

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