Tucker Carlson says dead people voted in 2020 election thanks to mass-mailed ballots

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday identified dozens of dead people who cast ballots in this year’s presidential election, pointing to a push in some states to mass-mail ballots to all registered voters automatically.

Slamming the media for failing to report on such voting irregularities, calling it a “media blackout,” Carlson listed more than 25 people who voted from beyond the grave just in states where President Trump is currently challenging the vote count.

“What we’re about to tell you is accurate. It’s not a theory. It happened, and we can prove it. Other news organizations could prove it, too. They’ve simply chosen not to,” Carlson said on the program.

The host zeroed-in on the state of Georgia where Joe Biden is ahead by a margin of just over 14,000 votes and officials are now recounting ballots by hand.

“Among those votes, auditors will find a ballot cast by a woman called Deborah Jean Christiansen,” Carlson said.

“She was well known in her community for years as a birdwatcher, an avid gardener, a committed fan of the Georgia Bulldogs. Those who knew her were sad when she died last May,” he went on.

“And they might be surprised to learn that even after her death, Deborah Jean Christiansen still managed to register to vote and then cast a ballot, presumably for Joe Biden,” he added, albeit unable to prove who Christiansen’s vote was cast for.

Carlson also named mailman James Blalock of Covington, Ga., under whose name a vote was cast this year despite the fact he died 14 years ago.

“James Blalock cast a ballot in last week’s election. How did he do that? Maybe he was just one of those extraordinary mail carriers; neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night nor even death itself could keep him from the mail. In his case, maybe voting from the grave wasn’t really fraud, it was just commitment,” Carlson said.

In Nevada, where Biden’s lead is now 34,000 votes, Carlson’s team learned of elementary school teacher Rosemary Hardle, who died in 2017 but also cast a ballot this year.

Carlson conceded that the dozen examples he found would not be enough to swing the vote.

“As of right now, there aren’t enough of these votes to alter the outcome. But the point is this: They are dead, but they voted anyway. The question is, how did they do that?”

But he blamed Democrats for pushing laws which would distribute mail ballots to every registered voter in some states.

This was the case in Nevada, where leaders there approved a plan to send absentee ballots to all active voters this November.

The Trump administration has railed against the mass mailing of ballots.

Added Carlson: “If we care about our democracy, we must demand clean and honest voting regardless of the outcome.”

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