US guard James Solages arrested over Haiti president's assassination has 'never been in trouble before', family says

RELATIVES of a US bodyguard arrested over the assassinating Haitian president Jovenel Moïse has described him as a "good boy" who had never been in "any trouble".

The family of James Solages, a 35-year-old Haitian-American from South Florida, believe he might have been duped into joining the international murder plot.

Haiti’s minister of elections and inter-party relations, Mathias Pierre, today identified Solages, and fellow American Joseph Vincent, 55, as among 17 suspects who have been detained by police.

But Schubert Dorisme, a 63-year-old Florida resident, told the Insider said, was his nephew was "always working hard, adding "I think somebody played on his mind for him to do something like that”.

He said: "He's a good boy, respectful,

"It's not him, it's not the James I know, he's a guy who has a lot of respect for everybody."

His aunt, Victorie Dorisme, told the Miami Herald said: "I’ve never heard of him in any trouble like this."

She said he divided his time between his job as a building maintenance worker and running a small charity.

In a statement, Canada’s foreign relations department did not refer to Solages by name but said one of the men detained in the assassination had been "briefly employed as a reserve bodyguard" at its embassy by a private contractor.

Solages’ Facebook page, now taken down, said he attended Fort Lauderdale High School, according to the news outlet.

Between 2015 and 2018, he went on to study at Atlantic Technical College in Coconut Creek and later Florida Career College, where he said he earned an associate degree in information technology, the Herald said.

A 28-member hit squad made up of Colombians and Americans murdered President Jovenel Moise, Haitian police say, but little is known about who masterminded the assassination and their motives as the investigation pressed on today.

Seventeen suspected assailants in Wednesday's pre-dawn attack have been arrested, including 15 Colombians and two Americans of Haitian origin, the country's police said Thursday at a press conference.

Three Colombian gunmen were killed by police, while eight members of the hit squad remain at large, Haiti's police chief Leon Charles said, though the figures differed slightly from other official sources.

But little has been revealed on why gunmen broke into the president's personal residence, riddling him with bullets and wounding his wife, Martine.

Authorities have caught the perpetrators of the attack, Leon said, but are now looking for the masterminds.

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