Victoria's Secret Karen 'attacks black woman, rolls on floor'

Victoria’s Secret Karen ‘attacks black woman and then screams and rolls on the floor and begs not to be filmed’

  • Ijeoma Ukenta was visiting the Short Hills Mall in Millburn on Saturday when the white woman allegedly nudged her
  • The encounter escalated before Ukenta started recording 
  • In the video, the white woman slaps Ukenta while they stand near the registers
  • During the encounter, the white woman claims Ukenta is threatening her while begging her not to record 
  • Ukenta repeatedly asks for store security to help her get out of the situation 
  • In another video, Ukenta shows a police report from the incident, identifying the white woman as Abigail Elphick 

A black woman trying to redeem a coupon for free panties at a Victoria’s Secret in New Jersey filmed the moment the ‘Karen’ allegedly attacked her and had a breakdown, screaming and rolling on the floor.

Ijeoma Ukenta was visiting the Short Hills Mall in Millburn on Saturday when the white woman allegedly nudged her and the encounter escalated before she started recording, she told Daily Beast.

In the video, the white woman slaps Ukenta while they stand near the registers before throwing the shirt she was holding onto the counter and burying her face into her hands as the wild encounter countinues.

In another video, Ukenta shows a police report from the incident, identifying the white woman as Abigail Elphick. 

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The video begins with the white woman appearing to slap the woman recording. The white woman has been identified by Abigail Elphick

After seemingly attacking the woman recording, Ijeoma Ukenta, the white woman then starts crying

The white woman then drops into a squatting position while accusing Ukenta of threatening her

The white woman begs not to be recorded as she breaks down on camera

Abigail Elphick is pictured during her monumental breakdown

‘Oh my god!’ Ukenta says in the video, while Elphick squats to the ground.

‘Do you see this? Oh my god, girl I’ve never thought something like this would happen to me. She’s just tried to run and hit me,’ Ukenta continues.

Elphickcries out: ‘No, I didn’t! I don’t want to be recorded.’

‘You saw that, right? They all saw her, oh my god,’ Ukenta continues.

‘I didn’t try to hit you. I don’t want to be recorded. Stop, stop!’ Elphicksays. ‘I didn’t try to hit you!’

Ukenta then says: ‘This don’t feel real.’

‘Y’all got to get security. She tried to charge me!’ she adds.

Elphick then starts wailing as she leans back against a display.

‘Oh you just want security for me, right? I want security for you,’ Ukenta says. ‘No, don’t cry!’  

A store worker then appears to approach the two women, as Elphick cries: ‘She’s threatening me! She’s threatening me!’

‘No! Don’t record my mental breakdown please!’ the Elphick says.

‘You’re scaring me, like you’re going to go postal,’ Ukenta tells the woman.

Elphick then stands up and responds: ‘Don’t record me! Stop!’

Another white customer then addresses Ukenta and says: ‘Why don’t you walk away from her?’

‘No, no, no. We’re not doing this. Why don’t I walk away from her. Why don’t she get away from me? She can get away. Go wherever you want to go,’ Ukenta responds.

The white woman was pictured collapsing to the ground face first while using her purse as a pillow

Elphick then collapses to the floor face first, using her purse as a pillow – while store workers continue to check out other customers in the background.

The video ends with a store worker helping Ukenta with her purchases, as she tells the white woman: ‘Bye, Karen.’

In a second video, the chaotic incident appeared to resume with Elphick lying on the ground and pointing her finger at Ukenta while convulsing on the ground and screaming: ‘She’s recording me!’

‘You keep lying and saying I’m threatening you, so I’m recording to protect myself,’ Ukenta retorts.

‘Get her phone away! Get her phone away! Please! Get her phone AWAY!’ Elphick screams as she gets up to her knees.

Elphick then gets to her feet and chases Ukenta as she backs away and continues to record.

Ukenta repeatedly tells the store workers to call security as she runs from Elphick.

Someone off camera asks Ukenta to stop recording, and Ukenta tells her that she’s doing it to protect herself.

‘She’s trying to attack me! No, no, no,’ Ukenta responds.

Elphick nterjects: ‘Stop threatening me!’

‘See, she’s saying I’m threatening her! I’m not saying nothing to her. This is protect me. Once the law get here, who are they going to believe: her white a** or my black a**,’ Ukenta says.

‘Where is security in this Short Hills, y’all!’ Ukenta tells the workers. ‘I gotta stop coming here. I thought this was the safe mall.’

Store workers then appeared to turn up the volume of the music in the store to drown out the sounds of the Elphick’s screams.

Another woman then appears to try to calm Elphick down, as the screaming white woman speaks with someone on the phone – seemingly police – while continuing to claim that Ukenta was ‘threatening’ her.

That woman tells Ukenta to put the camera down because the woman is ‘sick.’

‘She’s lying on the phone, don’t tell me what to do. She said I threatened her. I don’t give a f**k about her being sick. I’m worried about me,’ Ukenta says.

Elphick says on the phone: ‘Come here as soon as possible, please, please, please.’

‘This is how black people be dying. You see this? You see what these people do? They’re causing a panic and telling the police [unintelligible] when you clearly saw her chasing me around the store,’ Ukenta says.

Elphick then appears to charge at Ukenta again. 

Later in the video, Ukenta then exclaims again: ‘Where is the mall security!’

According to Daily Beast, Elphick allegedly told cops she had a breakdown because she was afraid she would lose her apartment and job as a teacher’s aide if the video went viral – which it since has. 

In a third video posted in the eight-video series, mall security finally appears to show up where Ukenta details the situation to the ‘oblivious’ mall security worker.

Cops finally appeared in the fourth video, telling Ukenta that they ‘cant kick her out,’ referring to Elphick despite her having attacked Ukenta on camera. 

‘I don’t understand why she can’t be escorted out the mall, she tried to attack me twice!’ the exasperated Ukenta tells the cops. 

Cops continue speaking with a crying Elphick, while telling Ukenta to move away and refusing to escort the white woman out of the mall. 

It was not immediately clear what legal challenges Elphick could face, if any, for attacking Ukenta on camera. 

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